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GE Employee Benefits and Perks. GE, or General Electric, is an American global company with its headquarters in Boston. At the time of its founding in 1892, J. P. Morgan was one of America’s most influential businessmen.

In the eyes of GE, its people are their most valuable resource for achieving company success. Because of this, GE has vowed to treat its workers with respect, rewarding them for their hard work and loyalty to the company.

Employer-sponsored benefits at GE Appliances are extensive and flexible, and are intended to assist qualified workers make the best options for their personal circumstances and the company’s interests.

GE Employee Benefits

It’s worth noting that if you’re interested in working with General Electric, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following employee advantages.

What are GE Benefits and Employee Discounts

One of the greatest companies in mechanical and industrial engineering, the General Electric Company was founded in 1892 by J. P. Morgan and works in the aviation, renewable energy and power sectors as well as the healthcare and digital industries and venture capital and finance sectors.

Employees at General Electric Company believe that they are the company’s greatest asset, and they take that responsibility seriously. In addition, the chain aspires to professional and personal success.

GE Appliances offers a broad selection of comprehensive, competitive, and flexible, employment benefits to assist qualified employees make the best options for themselves and their circumstances, including retirement, health, and other programs.

If you’re new to GE or are unsure about your rights and responsibilities as a GE employee, take the time to read this handbook.

GE’s employee benefits are summarized in the following report.

  • GE 401(K) Plan – Employees may invest for the future with a competitive match of up to 8% on their Roth contributions.
  • GE Health Benefits – With the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, you may get a comprehensive health insurance coverage. GE provides its employees and their families with a wide range of flexible insurance options, including a floater option for hospitalization insurance for professionals and their families.
  • Dental Insurance – Adult braces are not covered by GE Dental insurance, but all other procedures are.
  • Vision Insurance – This policy covers all eye-related healthcare services. Contact lenses or spectacles are given out each year for free.
  • Charitable Gift Matching – Up to $5,000 a year, General Electric will match 100% of your contributions.
  • Retirement Plan/GE retirement benefits:
    • The industry’s finest retirement plan.
    • Cash in the event that you depart GE before your retirement date.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance – As a benefit to its employees and their families, General Electric provides disability income protection in the event that an employee is unable to work due to an accident. Compensation of 2.5 times an employee’s pay is provided to those who qualify under this scheme.
  • Maternity and paternity support – GE provides parents with the confidence and assistance they need to navigate the maternity, paternity, and adoption procedures. Pregnant women may take the following maternity and paternity leave from work at General Electric.
    • Maternity leave begins four weeks prior to the birth of a child.
    • Maternity leave of six weeks.
    • Approximately four months Post-partum leave includes paid time off.
  • Adoption aid program that allows participants to apply from the first day of job and grants IVF patients might get up to $30,000 in financial support from GE.
  • Generous employee stock-purchase program – With a 24-month offering term, buy equities at a discount to their fair market value.
  • GE Employee discounts – Employees may save up to 20% on GE and non-GE items, as well as on entertainment, travel, and other fun stuff.
  • Employee assistance program – Treatment referrals for a broad variety of personal issues and concerns are available via this program. This includes a wide range of topics ranging from relationship difficulties to elder care and child care.
  • GE vacation policy PTO – As part of GE’s vacation policy, workers may take up to three consecutive weeks of vacation, one week off for voluntary work, and granted leave as long as they wish.
  • Employees are eligible for profit-sharing schemes as soon as they start working; the amount of money they get might fluctuate each year.
  • Gym Membership – General Electric Company workers are eligible for a 50% refund for Gym memberships, as well as free memberships at some gyms.
  • Tuition Assistance – Full-time associates are eligible for up to $50,000 in tuition reimbursements each calendar year, which includes application fees, tuition, course-related expenses, and relevant textbook costs.

Affordability and Benefits for Different Positions at GE

Depending on the employee’s work title and location, GE offers a variety of perks.

Employee perks at GE vary somewhat depending on where you live. 401(k) plans are only accessible in the United States, and only developed nations are eligible for financial aid for education and reproduction.

GE Employee Benefits Summary

GE’s employee benefits are summarized in the following report.

  • Dental and Health Insurance.
  • Employer matching contributions for 401(k).
  • Vacation time and paid time off are available.
  • Conscientious Objection (CO) & Family Medical Leave (FMML).
  • Time Off for Volunteering.
  • Insurance for your eyesight.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for medical expenses.
  • Leave of Absence for Mother and Father.
  • Sick days.
  • Assistance with conception.
  • Paid Time Off.
  • Protection against the loss of life via the purchase of life insurance.
  • Support for adoptive families and care for those in need after adoption.
  • Psychiatric Services.
  • Affordability.
  • Leave of Absence for the Bereaved.
  • EAP for the benefit of employees.
  • Joining the Gym Discounts for employees and their families.

Overall, GE provides its workers with an extensive array of perks and facilities to assist them achieve their personal and professional goals. GE Employee Benefits offers are subject to location, work hours, employment time, and job position determining eligibility.

GE Employee Contact Information

  • GE Appliances Answer Center®: 1-800-626-2005
  • GE Appliance Service: 1-800-432-2737
  • GE Water Products: 1-800-952-5039
  • Parts and Accessories: 1-877-959-8688


There you have it. Everything you need to know about GE Employee Discounts, Privileges, and Perks.

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