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Familiarity with the company makes people trust and feel more secured using its services. It is especially important when it comes to a mortgage company.

With a mortgage company, knowing company’s background is crucial since it deals with our money and property. This Freedom Mortgage wiki will provide information to help people getting to know this mortgage company better.

Background of Freedom Mortgage

This company was founded 1990 as Jefferson Home Mortgage and Loan, LLC by its current chief executive officer, Stanley C. Middleman. It generates and services loans through its divisions.

The three divisions are retail, wholesale service, correspondent lending, and commercial. This Freedom Mortgage wiki will explain the company’s retail division in-depth.

It is licensed to operate in fifty states across Unites States as well as D.C., Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. The company’s headquarter office is located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Freedom Mortgage Wiki

It is a very unique mortgage company. This Freedom Mortgage wiki explains the reason why this company is distinctive. The company has a mission to foster ownership of homes in the country.

It wishes to build long lasting relationship with clients by tailoring personalized solutions and offering services that cannot be found in any other company. It values customers’ satisfaction, sensible growth, collaborative work, creative thinking, and spirit of community.

This company has been working together with government to provide government-insured mortgage loans. It is one of the lead Veteran Administration (VA) loans lenders in the country. It has served nearly a million of homeowners and other stakeholders since its establishment.

It has no doubt has been dubbed to be among the top ten mortgage providers in the country. Its service portfolio has exceeded $105 billion. This Freedom Mortgage wiki will explain further about the company’s operation.

Freedom Mortgage Business Operation

As this Freedom Mortgage wiki has stated in previous part, the company operates in retail, wholesale, correspondent lending, and commercial service. Retail division deals directly with homeowners. In wholesale division, the company forms collaboration with mortgage brokers all over the country.

Meanwhile, correspondent lending division helps smaller lender with their mortgage business. This company also deals with mortgage of commercial properties.

The Freedom Mortgage retail division offers several products. It offers several government-supported types of loans, such as VA loans, Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), and USDA loans.

Customers can opt for purchasing houses, refinancing their existing loans, or cashing out their home equity. Before choosing the right loan, it is better that customers consult their financial situation with the company’s mortgage loan advisor. It is reachable through toll free phone line on 844-290-2074 during normal work hours.

This Freedom Mortgage wiki will also explain briefly about the company’s other divisions. Its wholesale service division supports mortgage brokers by providing mortgage plans to suit brokers’ client pool.

It offers competitive rate and help in loan closing as well as educating brokers about current trends in mortgage industry. Correspondent lending division also offers similar type of services to its customer based.

Partner can access company’s diverse mortgage products. It can help correspondent lenders with underwriting process if needed.

This Freedom Mortgage wiki is arranged to help improving people’s understanding of this company’s running. More information about the company can be obtained from its website at