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Having to decide which mortgage company that is best to trust and rely on is crucial for your mortgage business. For that, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale is ready to happily fulfill customers’ needs.

As a company that lends, Freedom Mortgage Corporation has been serving customers as a full-service lender for about 25 years long. With that fact, it’s proven that they’re an experienced lender with unquestionable services and products to offer.

As a mortgage company with a long year of experience, they of course earned a mortgage banker license. Their license reached over 50 states with offices spread nationwide. Freedom Mortgage guarantees full-range products and a competitive rate for borrowers.

Offers and Potentials that Freedom Mortgage Wholesale Has

With already a huge reputation in its industry, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale keeps their promises to clients. There are five things that the company promises to every customer equally.

Freedom Mortgage Wholesale

First one is Products, they will offer customers wide range of products such as FHA, USDA, HARP, Jumbo, VA, Conventional, etc. Next is Pricing, which means competitive pricing.

They are a pricing leader in terms of High Balance, FHA, and Conventional products. There’s also Best Mini-C program that will let borrowers share lending burden and earn flexibility again with a Mini C program.

More is Turn Time that means Freedom Mortgage Wholesale Division acknowledges their responsibility to fulfill customers’ expectations. They strive to keep their turn time as minimum as possible.

Lastly, they promise Experience and Expertise with their Closing Staff and Customer Service Representatives’ years of knowledge and experience.

Employees and staffs of Freedom Mortgage Wholesale are all knowledgeable professionals. From their Customer Service Representatives, Underwriters, to Account Executives and other professionals are respectively experts in home finance.

They will handle every aspect of a customer’s loan professionally, since submission to the point of closing. It will be easy to trust this mortgage company to take care of your loan business.

Freedom Mortgage Wholesale’s Professionalism at Its Best

Bringing their professionalism to the table, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale will help customers find the suitable program for their borrowers. With the company’s full spectrum of programs and products, they will include 5 of those.

First one on the list is refinance and purchase. Second one is 100% value loans. Then they also offer mortgage on a fixed rate and low adjustable.

Fourth program is primary properties, investment properties, and secondary homes earn residential loans. Last but not least, FHA USDA, Jumbo, Conventional, and VA loans.

At Freedom Mortgage Wholesale, they give their best work in order to serve their partners’ needs specifically in the financial industry. They serve to become customers’ trusted partner. They will provide clients with any support and service needed to establish and grow a client’s business.

Freedom Mortgage Wholesale owns a program named Freedom Family. This program includes retail lending, renovation lending, servicing, commercial lending, correspondent lending, and wholesale lending. Wholesale lending covers Affinity Lending Partners and Mini Correspondent.

With hopes of exceeding clients’ expectations, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale ensures service that any customer can count on. With easy-to-use technology, quick approvals, and a wide range of products, they will not let you down. Don’t hesitate to partner with Freedom Mortgage.