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When you are having financial difficulties, or maybe you feel that this is the perfect time to rearrange mortgage plan, that’s when you need refinancing.

Moreover, there are no company that could provide easy and comfortable refinance other than Freedom Mortgage refinance.

What is Refinance?

Refinancing your mortgage become a perfect option when you are dealing with, for example, new and interesting mortgage plan with low interest rate. Therefore, it helps you out of your monthly mortgage bill.

Besides, refinancing also becomes a suitable preference when you want to speed up the mortgage plan (by increasing your monthly bill) or decreasing monthly bill (by extending your loan period). Another reason that refinancing becomes a perfect choice is when you decided to rearrange the mortgage loan, adapting to the annual interest rate, or not.

Freedom Mortgage Refinance

The choice is yours. The Freedom Mortgage refinance is more than happy to help you taking care of all your refinancing business as explained above.

Freedom Mortgage Company facilitates every finance types, including its own features, which are Veteran Affairs and standard Federal Housing Administration loan. Moreover, it also has conventional refinancing service.

For you who lived in suburban and rural area, do not worry. The Freedom Mortgage refinance serves United States Department of Agriculture loan service to provide those who aren’t very wealthy.

However, if by any chance you have insufficient equity to do Freedom Mortgage refinance, or maybe your house value is less than what you owe, don’t worry. You are highly advised to take Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) from Freedom Mortgage Company.

This program fits for you who want to do refinance, but do not have enough fund or asset value. Aside from government-funded, you can also get various regular refinance services, such as setting mortgage terms of payment, or switch from adjustable rate mortgage to fixed-rate mortgage.

Furthermore, HARP doesn’t need much paperwork, making it easier and more flexible rather than conventional refinancing. However, all of the things will definitely end; after 7 years operational. Moreover HARP is deactivated on 30 September 2017.

Step-by-step Instructions on How to Do Refinance

By default, Freedom Mortgage refinance procedures are just the same as first-time mortgage loan procedures. The only difference is the duration.

Refinance is easier and faster, without the need to register and input data. These are several steps on how to do refinance.

  • Take a look into your credit points

The first preparation that you need to do is looking into your credit point. Make sure you have enough to do refinance with it. If you can’t calculate your credit point, go ahead to There, you will be provided with free annual reports on your credit point.

  • Check your financial condition

Second step of doing Freedom Mortgage refinance is to check your financial condition. Pay attention to your debts and interests. In Freedom Mortgage websites, there is calculator provided to help counting your financial condition.

  • Choose your mortgage plan

Just the same as making new mortgage plan, choose the best one that suits your interest.

  • Closing

Things that need to be prepared for closing assessment are ID photo, closing cost, and all the receipt and insurance.

That’s all the information about Freedom Mortgage refinance. If you interested to refinancing the mortgage loan, contact your loan officer to get thorough information.

If you don’t have a loan officer, keep calm and use Freedom Mortgage services. Then, you will be assigned to your own loan officer. For further information, just click