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With various divisions beside the main company, Freedom Mortgage contact is available to reach depending on the business. Companies with a good standing usually provide contacts that are easy to reach anytime anywhere.

But these reachable contacts will not serve customers off working hours. Keep in mind to only contact Freedom Mortgage Corporation hotline when they are on working hours.

Which Division of Freedom Mortgage do you need to Contact?

When contacting Freedom Mortgage contact, inquiries will be taken very seriously by representatives, so make sure to keep your questions or complaints clear. Note that because they are professionals, speak to them in a well-behaved manner and use proper language.

Since representatives are friendly experts, clients don’t need to worry about bad service.

Freedom Mortgage Contact

Keeping its well-established name, their customer support aims to leave clients a good impression. They are the first ones to handle and serve customers directly, so they are obliged to be professionals.

Freedom Mortgage contact for Freedom Mortgage Commercial Division alone is 212-897-9851 (phone) and 212-702-8703 (fax). This division was established back in 1990 and is an expansion of Freedom Mortgage. It was a mean to include lending for commercial real estate, and acts as an extension of service.

Other Divisions of Freedom Mortgage Contact and How to Reach Them

When in need of mortgage insurance, the division to look for is Freedom Mortgage Wholesale Division. This division acts as a full-service lender with a mortgage banker license.

They have done underwriting, closing, and funding for loans as many as thousands. Is there a Freedom Mortgage contact available for this division? Yes, you may contact this division’s corporate office through 3 hotlines.

For their phone line, contact 317-537-3005. For toll-free hotline, dial 800-388-1537. Last but not least, for fax inquiries the number is 317-537-4289. Representatives are also available in over 43 states to make it easier for clients to reach.

Freedom Mortgage contact for those who resides in the State of Washington is 866-861-3500 (phone) and 360-901-3266. As for those who live in Nevada, contact is at 602-614-8926.

Clients living in Minnesota State can contact 317-537-3683 on phone and 612-801-9901. Also for customers residing in Georgia State, regional vice president is contactable at 407-869-0064 and 321-436-9333. The rest of the states are searchable on the Freedom Mortgage Wholesale Division website.

Another division of Freedom Mortgage is Freedom Mortgage Veterans, established specifically for war veterans only. Freedom Mortgage contact for this division is 855-624-1328, dial to explore available loan options.

Veterans division works to make veterans’ lives easier when they’re still active for duties. They also aim to fulfill the needs of those who have served America in past wars.

As for Freedom Mortgage contact for main Freedom Mortgage Corporation, the hotline is at 800-220-3333. Questions or inquiries regarding mortgage application or home loan and loan advisors are available at 877-684-4210.

Loan advisors working hours are every Monday to Thursday from 9:00AM-10PM. On Fridays, they are ready to serve from 9:00AM-9:00PM.

Meanwhile, their working hour on Saturdays is from 9:00AM-6:00PM according to East Standard Time. If the question and trouble is about current mortgage plan, representatives are reachable at 855-690-5900.