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In Freedom Mortgage complaints, there has been found guilty in New Jersey. It has been found violating the costumers who were charged to pay some money to refinance the loan.

This fact concludes that the loan was granted in order to engender fees for lender and not for the benefit of the borrower. The token reduction in monthly payment would have taken them more than five years to amortize additional fees and lower the interest fees.

According to the court, the documents reveal how careless the lender was agreeing into the loan. It appears that information related to refinance was obtained from the telephone and paper, including loan’s application and related documents.

All documents were signed at the appropriate time and space. Under FHA criteria, the company was free on the prior Freedom Mortgage complaints.

Freedom Mortgage Complaints and the Customers’ Issues

The costumers’ issues are related to Freedom Mortgage complaints. They deliver the complaints directly to the company, to protest against what they think is unfair.

Freedom Mortgage Complaints

Most of complaints are related to the loan issues which make them think if they have been tricked by the services. Some other issues might be related to the interest of loan that they have to pay monthly.

The other Freedom Mortgage complaints sound like this company took two payment of account at one time. Clients were told that it would take at least 78 hours to be fixed.

Surely, it made their checking account is locked, making it back up all their other bills. They said that Freedom Mortgage is not willing to help or take this situation into their consideration, especially when it was their mistake.

The next Freedom Mortgage complaints on the product called Loan Care will be the other issues. It is said that customers should be aware of the company as it allows Loan Care to handle the mortgage payments.

For your information, Loan Care is one of products that are offered to the customers. It is said that Loan Care cannot solve the problem or provide any kinds of important information needed.

There were also a married couple protested about how horrible the company is and the assistant vice president of sales freedom who does not care about anything except making a sale.

They have been with the Freedom Mortgage for two years and were recently contacted by the VC president of sales that with their improved situation (improved credit scores, increased value of home), they could refinance and save hundreds of dollars a month.

However, during the initial conversation, they think they were being “sold” and everything was just a lie. Their issues become a part in Freedom Mortgage complaints service in this company.

Well, those complaints could be the issues for costumers because the lender overtook loan regardless of borrower’s age in the context of their development and future income. It had the lenders simply checked the annual income of the borrower from its telephone interview notes.

The Freedom Mortgage complaints basically are the platform of service in the mortgage company. Everyone that is noted as the costumers will be treated nicely according to their understandings upon the service product of Freedom Mortgage.