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New college graduates might be thinking about starting careers in mortgage industry. They expect to work in companies that will allow them to grow to be professionals as well as giving them plenty learning opportunities.

Other times, experienced mortgage workers want more advanced career challenges. They want to use their expert knowledge and develop professionally in good career settings. Freedom Mortgage careers can accommodate these individuals according to their needs and backgrounds.

New Graduates Careers at Freedom Mortgage

A feature in Freedom Mortgage careers is its First Flyer Career Development Program for new graduates. In this program, new graduates will be able to learn in diverse work settings since they will receive on the job trainings in various departments.

New graduates will have the chance to learn from company leaders and create their network bases during social events. They will be assigned under mentors to ensure that they will get the best learning experience. Not only that, the company also offers competitive salary and benefits.

Freedom Mortgage Careers

One track in Freedom Mortgage careers for First Flyer is in the Sales team. New graduates will get hands-on experience by rotations through Sales team operational areas. They will be expected to get important state licenses and go through required exams.

If they perform well on the job, they can get promoted as loan advisors within one year. Top performers can also earn special rewards from the company.

Another First Flyer track in Freedom Mortgage careers is IT Development Program. This is designed for students with information and technology degree.

They will receive classroom trainings and get in touch with influential IT figures in the business. New graduates will take part in developing cutting-edge technology such as customized websites, user interface apps, and workflow management.

There is a First Flyer track in Analyst team. New graduates will attend classes to learn key information like capital market, finance, and accounting. They will also receive on the job trainings.

This team has important role to analyze, report, and apply obtained information so that business can improve and make impact to its customers. There is a chance to get reimbursement for advanced trainings and certifications after their first year.

Underwriting track for new graduates is also one of available Freedom Mortgage careers. In addition to receive class instruction, new graduates will get direct learning opportunities.

They will handle real mortgage loan cases as junior underwriters working under mentors with great underwriting expertise. They get chance to directly interact with customers to help them getting their dream houses and at the same time calculating the risk for the company.

Careers for Experts at Freedom Mortgage

There are people who have been working in mortgage industry in certain periods and seek for more career challenges at this company.

Freedom Mortgage careers are especially attractive to them because the company’s core strength: years of experience, nationwide ubiquity, business model that create entrepreneurial environment, and consistent growth.

This mortgage company offers challenges as it is running in a fast-paced, high-drive, and solutions oriented setting. It expects its employees to be up to date to contemporary and relevant skill sets in mortgage industry. This mortgage company welcomes experts from various backgrounds to join.

People who are interested in Freedom Mortgage careers can obtain more information in the company’s webpage at They can also send their resumes through the webpage and wait for callbacks.