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Getting free gear on Roblox will help you to add variations of abilities and actions that can enhance your gaming experience without paying for a cent. There are so many types of Virtual Gear offered by the platform in the catalog, but only a handful of them are available for free.

Types of Free Gear on Roblox

Gear is a term used for any items that created and used in the Roblox. Most of them are being sold for certain price, but there are items of free gear on Roblox as well.

The types of Roblox free gear can be classified into these categories:

  1. Transportation: Vehicles that help users to move around such as skateboards.
  2. Building tools: Gears that have potential to help modify or build structures in the game.
  3. Navigation enhancers: Tools that assist player to get into places such as shoes or wings.
  4. Power ups: Gears to enhance players’ performance such as walking speed or optimum health.
  5. Music instruments: Gears to play music.
  6. Social items: Gears to use on social gatherings such as dancing potion.
  7. Explosives: Gears that explode, hence the name, such as bombs.
  8. Ranged weapons: Gears that used on distanced targets.
  9. Melee weapons: Gears that used for close targets.

Note that some gear items have expiration date after a certain period of time of purchase. The free gear on Roblox and cheaper ones tend to expire faster than more expensive items. There are also special items of gears that only sold on special events and holiday such as Vuvuzela on World Cup 2010 or fireworks during 4th of July.

Free Gear on Roblox

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Roblox Free Gear Codes

Here are some popular or favorites Roblox free gear codes:

  1. Anchor Canon : 15566208
  2. Alien Parasite : 76170515
  3. Attack Ocelot : 43998881
  4. Breath of Fire : 16814051
  5. Boxster 2XH : 15806914
  6. BB Gun : 42845609
  7. Chimera : 87361508
  8. Cowbell : 20373160
  9. Dark Pegasus : 19126180
  10. Drum Kit : 33866728
  11. Explosive Spy Pen : 95258660
  12. Flying Vacuum : 31354708
  13. Guitarmy : 47871615
  14. Gravity Disruptor : 10111060
  15. Personal Rocketship : 29808528

How to Get Free Gear on Roblox

It is indeed exciting and satisfying to get free gear on Roblox. The free items are not as many as the paid gears, but there are some that you can definitely gain.

Read how to find and earn free gear on Roblox on the catalog below:

  1. Visit the official Roblox site in your browser and log into your own account.
  2. Go to ‘Catalog’ menu at the upper part of the site page.
  3. Click on the ‘Categories’ menu in the left sidebar and then choose ‘View all items’.
  4. Every category has free items, so you may choose the category according to what you’d like such as ‘Accessories’, ‘Body Parts’, or ‘Clothing’.
  5. Sort the items according to the price by setting ‘Price’ menu to ‘Low to High’. That way, the free items will be shown at the very top of items’ list.
  6. Choose the free gear on Roblox that you want by clicking on the image of the item. You don’t have to pay if the information page says ‘Free’.
  7. Press the ‘Get’ button with green color besides the item’s image.
  8. A pop-up window will show and all you have to do is press the ‘Get’ button with black color.

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To check all your free gear Roblox catalog items, go to ‘Inventory’ menu. To put or try the item, click and select on it. One easy and quick tip to gain more free gear on Roblox is by creating your own item’s design, such as t-shirt. This tip even has potential to bring you money.