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Many people will admit that mortgage is not an easy concept to understand. There are various terms and regulations related to mortgage. There are times when future or current mortgagors need more detailed information regarding their mortgage plans.

Sometimes information on the company website is not really clear or they want to get direct explanation. Customer can contact Franklin American Mortgage phone number to receive specific information to their needs.

Contactable Phone Numbers at Franklin American Mortgage

Homeowners or prospective loan borrowers who are thinking about utilizing Franklin American Mortgage services can call through its toll free phone number on 800-295-1020. This Franklin American Mortgage phone number is reachable on Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.

Future customer will get a chance to talk to this company’s representative. Customer can ask about this company’s offered services, such as home loan options and consult their conditions to the representative.

Franklin American Mortgage Phone Number

Franklin American Mortgage phone number line is also provided to current customers who are experiencing issues with their mortgages. Customers can make calls to its toll free number on 866-510-8930.

Through this line, customers can obtain answers regarding payments issues like failure to transfer their payments or wrong issued payment date on their receipts. Customers can also ask for their mortgage accounts information such as mortgage balance through this line. Customers can contact this number on Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.

This company’s wholesale mortgage customers, who are mortgage brokers, can receive support through phone call. To receive technical support, mortgage brokers may call Franklin American Mortgage phone number on 877-562-6118.

Through this platform brokers can get information about this company’s mortgage products, pricing options, and underwriting procedures. They can obtain explanation about loan approval process, government loans origination, and the way to deal with changes in mortgage regulations.

Brokers can also contact this company’s lock desk specialists on 800-295-1020. These phone numbers are available during normal work hours.

New or current customers from Franklin Correspondent Division, who are correspondent lenders, can also receive customer support through phone line. They can call a special Franklin American Mortgage phone number line on 866-326-2677 with external number 1990.

This number is contactable anytime during normal work hours. Correspondent lenders can get resources such as underwriting and extended lock offerings through this line. They can also get information about the best options for them as well as mandatory options.

In addition to get in touch with this company through Franklin American Mortgage phone number, future or current customers can utilize its online platform. New customers can send their questions by accessing this company’s web page at

They will be required to fill their contact information so that this company’s representative can get back to them. Current customers are expected to create login accounts.

Each of this company’s division has its own customer login portal. Customers can also do various functions in those portals such as payments.

This company provides several toll free lines to support customers through their mortgage process. Customer has to know beforehand which Franklin American Mortgage phone number to call for their distinctive needs.