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Internet is no longer exclusive technology. You are familiar with website, mobile app, and other things related to internet. Today, many companies rely on online method to expand their service for customers.

This is also what you see on Franklin American mortgage online payment. Easy, fast and simple are the reasons to use online method for mortgage payment.

Before exploring franklin American mortgage online payment, you need to know several things. Franklin American is a company with financial and home loan as the core business. Mortgage is solution when you do not have enough cash to purchase home at full price.

You can take loan then pay its debt with interest regularly. Each loan has different term and period. For mortgage, the period starts from fifteen to thirty years until the loan is completely paid.

For personal clients of Franklin American mortgage, there are various loans with pros and cons. You can have conventional loan, veteran loan, FHA, and rural area loan.

Which one is better? It depends on what you want and need. Conventional and FHA loans are the most popular options. FHA means Federal Housing Administration that provides mortgage with various term.

Conventional is loan from private provider, whether company, organization, or government. As you know, mortgage is a source of revenue or income from specific provider to raise the money for various reasons.

Using Franklin American Mortgage Online Payment Method

Franklin American Mortgage Online Payment

When using franklin American mortgage online payment feature, you need to access the official website.  Anything related to online will include website and internet. You have to know how to use and access it basically.

  1. Visit
  2. At login area, choose homeowners.
  3. You will be directed to
  4. Type username and password then click login.
  5. When the login is success, you will enter personal account to manage your mortgage.

Franklin American mortgage online payment has several benefits. Firstly, you can access it anywhere. It is the main reason to include online payment for mortgage. Some clients do not have enough time to manage it regularly.

They are busy so they need a quick access. After entering online account, there is option to pay automatically.

Another benefit on Franklin American mortgage online payment is fast process. The payment process will spend less time. Internet is more reliable to deliver fast transaction. You may pay using bank account via online.

Moreover, online is more secure due to high encryption method. You also reduce risk for wrong transfer or sending to the unintentional destination.

In order to use Franklin American mortgage online payment properly, several things have to be prepared. Firstly, you should be a part of Franklin Mortgage as personal borrower.

From login section, you will see lending partner area which is only for different business activity. You will get loan number to identify and verify as eligible account.

From those explanations, you already understand about online payment on Franklin Mortgage. Client may send message via website for further inquiry and information. When having issue regarding the access to Franklin American mortgage online payment, you can call 866-510-8930 for account information.

Besides, you will find number as mortgage representative at 800-295-1020. Moreover, the website also provides offices and branches of franklin mortgage.