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“It starts from home” is what you will read from Franklin American tagline. The company provides loan for mortgage and other participants in industry. You can visit official website then find Franklin American mortgage login section.

Before discussing more about franklin American mortgage login, you may be interested with several mortgages from this company. There are four options for loan, which are conventional, FHA, ARM, and VA. Conventional loan is what everyone takes due to fixed rate.

You can try adjustable rate mortgage or ARM with flexible rate. Moreover, VA is loan for veteran and FHA is loan from Federal Housing Administration.

If you take conventional mortgage, the rate is fixed from beginning until the end of period. It has pros and cons aspects. Interest rate is not fixed number in mortgage market.

Sometimes, you see that rate is high and low due to external factors. When you have lower rate, it is your benefit, but not when the recent rate is high.

On the other side, ARM from Franklin American Mortgage has varied rate in one period. You may have higher rate at beginning, but it may be lower after few years.

FHA is mortgage from government that means the payment is quite lower than regular. All of mortgage types will use Franklin American mortgage login to manage the loan and payment.

How to Use Franklin American Mortgage Login

Franklin American Mortgage Login

Franklin American is not new and small company. Long experience in mortgage industry gives enough time to learn. Moreover, the company adds website and online account to provide easy access for client. You may visit official website of Franklin American at

In this website, you see several sections. At top menus, there are sections for Home Loan, Refinance, Lending Partners, About, and Contact. Next to these menus is Franklin American mortgage login. You can follow these instructions to prevent unnecessary action.

  1. Choose login menu then select homeowners.
  2. Type your username and password.
  3. If you forget it, there is the area to retrieve your password or username.
  4. The account will be ready and you can change the payment procedure.

You can enter Franklin American mortgage login after becoming a member. For such reason, you should be already a part of Franklin American with loan number.

Homeowner means client who has mortgage from company. Meanwhile, lending partner is a section for not personal or private client.

When something is wrong on your account, you need a help immediately. To contact Franklin American, there are several ways you can choose. This company provides website that contain the basic information related to mortgage.

However, you will use email section to send inquiry. There are column for name, email, topic, and question. This inquiry may involve Franklin American mortgage login.

The issue or problem on Franklin American mortgage login will be solved via 866 5108930. It is specific number to handle account information and question about the payment. As you know, your account is capable to send online payment.

Besides that number, there is another way to contact Franklin American. You can call at 800 295 1020. It is mortgage representative to help client finding the right and suitable mortgage based on their condition.

Of course, you can ask for help regarding Franklin American mortgage login then the representative will lead to specific department.