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Franklin American Mortgage Company (FAMC) is definitely not new to mortgage business. This mortgage company was established 1993 and is at the moment generating loans in almost every state in United States.

Years of experience has taught this company to craft the best mortgage plans to ensure the best experience for its customers. This mortgage company serves various groups of mortgage stakeholders such as homeowners, loan providers, and brokers.

Franklin American mortgage bill pay procedures are quite different between each type of group.

Divisions of Franklin American Mortgage

This private mortgage company is divided into three divisions. Its first division is Retail Division. This particular division engages directly with homeowners across the country. The second division is Wholesale Division.

This division serves many mortgage brokers. Meanwhile, Correspondent Lending Division deals with small and large loan providers.

Franklin American Mortgage Bill Pay

In Retail Division, there are generally five steps that a customer needs to go through to obtain loan. They must go through prequalification process, discussing type of loan with this company’s loan officer, submitting necessary documents, processing and underwriting, then finally sealing the loan deal.

After that, they can finally start Franklin American mortgage bill pay every month according to their deal. The division offers conventional loans but perhaps it is more notorious for providing government-sponsored loans, like USDA Rural Development Program.

Wholesale Division deals with customers who are certified mortgage brokers. This company offers funds, underwriters, loan closers, and services of its support staffs.

In addition to that it provides extensive training materials to explain details of loan approval procedures, generating government-supported loans, and dealing with changes in regulations.

This mortgage company tailors a personalized service for each mortgage broker who works with it. They do not have to deal with Franklin American mortgage bill pay as their task is uniting the company with homeowners who are in need of mortgages.

This company also reaches out to correspondent lenders. To these lenders, this mortgage company provides both standard and government-support loans. It can personalized loan packages based on the correspondent lenders’ needs.

The private mortgage company offers high quality service from experienced staff. After correspondent lenders conclude their loans, this company will take over. The mortgages are sold to secondary market like homeowners.

This company then will handle monthly Franklin American mortgage bill pay to decrease interest and principal.

Methods of Franklin American Bill Pay

There are some ways which customers can make Franklin American mortgage bill pay. First, customers can send checks directly to the company’s address.

Its address is on 6100 Tower Circle, Franklin, TN  37067-2679 at Suite 600. Customers are not able to make bill payment through phone; however they can confirm their payments after bank transfer.

Customer who already own login account in the company’s website can also make online Franklin American mortgage bill pay. They only need to log into their account and make payment. They have to enclose information of their bank account.

A certain amount will be withdrawn from their account to pay their monthly bill. This company offers the use of secured electronic checks in some locations. The online method is definitely more efficient than traditional ones.

Each group of this company’s customers is provided with its own online platform to access their account easily. Every group is dealing with Franklin American mortgage bill pay in different way.

Retail Division is definitely dealing immediately with bill payment as it is directly connected with grass-root level customer: homeowners.