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If you play Fortnite, you may use Fortnite Vbuck mission tracker to level up. It helps to do so by providing weekly set of challenges related to certain character or theme as your extra XP source. Below is the easy guide to help you gain the valuable Vbucks within the game.

Mission Types on Fortnite Vbuck Mission Tracker

Mission is a term used to refer to any set of challenges, as well as the objective that carried by a particular challenge. In every mission, there are three challenges which will be replaced once one is completed.

The easiest way to earn many Vbucks is by using Save the World mode, with the help of Fortnite Vbuck mission tracker. There are plenty of sources that give you the in-game currency to purchase Battle Pass to use on Battle Royals.

Here are some of the legit missions listed in Fortnite Vbuck mission tracker:

  • Daily quest: It earns you up to 50 Vbucks on daily basis, as the name implies, as long as you complete the quest every day.
  • Main quests: This provides you with reward of 100 Vbucks if you can complete ten quests with Storm Shield Defense mission at the end of it.
  • Side quests: This features some repetitive challenges such as protecting Storm Shields or searching for Mimic Chests.
  • Timed missions: This is going to earn you rewards of 25 to 40 Vbucks by completing timed challenge.
  • Login rewards: Performing login on daily basis offers you with huge amount of Vbucks on some particular days.
  • Events: This includes quests that potentially reward you with massive amount of Vbucks.

Fortnite Vbuck Mission Tracker

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How to Use Fortnite Vbuck Mission Tracker

There are plenty of sites or communities in social media accounts that claim as Fortnite Vbuck mission tracker and give free Vbucks. However, you have to be careful about them.

It is strongly advised not to visit or use services from shady Vbuck mission tracker sites or social media accounts that require you to click on links and lures players to earn “free” items or Vbucks. The so called Fortnite Vbuck mission tracker may turn out to be scammers or hackers. Beware of any party that asks you to input username or fill in questionnaires in order to get free Vbucks.

You might as well just use your own Fortnite Vbuck mission tracker, by navigating to ‘Challenges’ menu in Fortnite interface, and then check for new mission with certain theme and limited time on each week, as well as challenge of Alter Ego, where your weekly mission and season level are still being considerate.

As alternative, you may use trustworthy unofficial Fortnite Vbucks tracker application. The app serves as guides, assistant, companion, or stat provider for your gameplay in Fortnite. They may include features for auto tracking item and Vbucks statistics.

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Having Fortnite Vbuck mission tracker may be very useful to improve your gaming experience. They are designed specifically to assist both existing and new players to gain more V-bucks and giving information about the rewarding missions and challenges. You just need to be careful about which app is safe to pick and you’re good to go.