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Fortnite account value calculator is a tool that helps you to figure out how much worth of your account. Over the years, Fortnite has gained constant popularity growth. It makes now as the best time to check how much you may get if you sell your account. Here are several factors that may affect the value.

What’s Counted By Fortnite Account Value Calculator

Fortnite account value calculator has ability to break down the value of each of your possession in the game. Then it would calculate and provide the total worth of your account.

Before you use Fortnite account value calculator, it’s better to know what can affect your account’s value. Here are some of the factors that add into the calculation:

  • Outfits

Outfits are amongst the most valued things for a Fortnite account value estimator. They are typically unlocked by accomplish challenges or just by playing the game – even though most of them are earned during specific seasons. The value of older outfits is increasing as more seasons added into the game.

  • Battle and Season Pass

The progress of your Fortnite gameplay is defined by Battle and Season Pass. The earlier is a progress that counted constantly, while the latter is counted and activated during a limited period of time. Both are worth more as your rank moves up.

  • Battle Stars and V-Bucks

Your gain Battle Pass progress by using Battle Stars, or gained it during Season Pass by earning XP. As alternative, you may use V-Bucks to make progress at Battle Pass. The more Battle Stars you have, the more Fortnite account value checker sees the account as valuable.

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  • Emots, Harvesting Tool, Skydiving Trails, and Gliders

These cosmetic items are what upgrades your character appearance and you may earn them by gaining XP. They are available as personalization tools.

  • Banners

Banners are used to show off your account – it showcases the progress of an account in general within the game. As you make progress by advancing the Battle Pass, you may unlock the banners’ color and parts, thus makes it looks unique and use it as personal statement.

Fortnite Account Value Calculator

Is It Safe to Use Fortnite Account Value Calculator

Fortnite account value calculator is useful when you want to sell your accounts. It estimates the worth of all your purchases and rewards, but it also violates the game’s terms of service.

Using Fortnite account value calculator may only give you light consequence. It’s an act of violation against Fortnite’s terms of service, but it’s not near the worst you can do.

That being said, there are indeed possible ramifications if you use Fortnite account value calculator. It may get you banned from the games. However, chance is, you already plan to not play the game anymore if you’re looking forward to sell your account according to its worth.

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An entire Fortnite account can have value of thousands of dollars. It makes sense, considering how many players just wish to skip the cost and effort to unlock the in-game items. If you don’t feel like playing Fortnite anymore, then it may be safe to use Fortnite account value calculator.