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Getting coins easily is what most Fortnite players are dreaming of. In Fortnite, coins are called as v-bucks, which can be collected by many methods. Players can get it by keep playing and unlocking levels. However, these days, people are wowed by Fnadd.com Fortnite as a trick to get coins.

What are Fortnite, V-bucks, and Fnadd.com Fortnite?

Who doesn’t know Fortnite? This battle game is popular among youths as it has amazing graphics and game plot. To play Fortnite with more incessant fun, v-bucks are incredibly needed.

However, some of you may see Fortnite as something unfamiliar, so it feels right to explain it a bit. Well, Fortnite is an online, survival Battle Royale game which was released in 2017 by Epic Games. It is a free-to-play video game, so everyone can play it.

Just like other games, there are stuffs being ‘sold’ in this game. To purchase it, you will need v-bucks – which serve as the official currency for Fortnite. To earn v-bucks, usually players will do these methods below:

  • Daily log-ins
  • Purchasing v-bucks with true money
  • Battle Pass and/or Free Pass

However, many feel those tricks are slow. That’s why people are trying to get smart trick to earn v-bucks. One of them is by using Fnadd.com Fortnite.

Fnadd.com Fortnite

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Fnadd.com Fortnite and Its Advantages

Known as a battle game, Fortnite reached popularity and has been constantly played by millions of users. Fnadd.com Fortnite serves as a solution to add v-bucks instantly.

It is very easy to use Fnadd.com Fortnite and earning v-bucks from the website. Well, all you need is to do these steps below:

  • First, launch your PC or phone’s browser. Then type fnadd.com in its URL box.
  • You will see on their page a fill-in box. Fill the box with your Fortnite username.
  • Pick the device you are mostly playing Fortnite in.
  • Once you’re there, the next thing is to click ‘Continue’.
  • You will arrive in the main theme of com Fortnite page: Fortnite v-bucks (coin) generating page.
  • Simply choose your desired amount of coins. In their page, it varies from 1,000, 2,800, 7,500, and the biggest amount is 13,500 v-bucks.
  • Confirm your option and you will need to wait until the process in com Fortnite page is completed.
  • Now, open your Fortnite account and check whether your v-bucks amount has increased or not.

Amazingly, Fnadd.com Fortnite can generate v-bucks online easily, so you can earn v-bucks easily without needing to do three organic methods aforementioned. However, for some reasons, it emerges another question: is it a safe method to generate Fortnite coins?

Well, up to date there are no information still about the risks of using Fnadd.com, so it can still be considered as safe to use it. But, this trick isn’t the method the game developer will justify as a right option to generate v-bucks. Therefore, three methods above are still the ‘legitimate’ tricks to earn your v-bucks.

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So, that’s a bit information about how to use Fnadd.com Fortnite to earn Fortnite v-bucks easily. It is much easier than using the organic methods, but there is no guarantee that using the website is safe. After all, it is an illegitimate trick, despite its success to help you earn v-bucks.