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SSD, which stands for Structured Self Development is an important course an army should take throughout their career as a soldier. It is a web-based training, so a soldier doesn’t have to go somewhere to take it. However, some encountered difficulty in finding their SSD1. How to find SSD1 in your army AKO?

Finding the SSD1 Training in Your Army AKO

AKO (Army Knowledge Online) is a kind of intranet designed specifically for U.S. Army. It has a lot of features, one of them being the center of training, like SSD.

All soldiers are required to have an account in AKO. To use the features in AKO, each member needs to use their CAC (Common Access Card) and PIN combination. And, after clicks here and there, some people don’t find it tricky to access the SSD1 course. But, there are people who question, how to find SSD1 in your army AKO?

How to Find SSD1 in Your Army AKO

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The question ‘how to find SSD1 in your army AKO’ can be answered through these steps:

  1. First of all, you’ll need to access the U.S. Army website ( In order to make your browse smooth, you are recommended to use Internet Explorer – not any other browsers. This is because their site is more compatible with IE. Also, make sure that your computer is not blocked to access AKO.
  2. The next step on how to find SSD1 in your army AKO, type in your username as well as the password to access the AKO.
  3. Once you arrive in AKO homepage, you will see there are some drop down tabs on under the uppermost AKO logo. Included there is the ‘Self Service’ tab. Simply hover your pointer to that tab and click on it.
  4. From all the choices, click the link ‘My Training’. It is located on the right column of the tab.
  5. After you click that link, the next step on how to find SSD1 in your army AKO is to enter the ALMS portal. On the page you’ve just landed in, you will see the logo ‘ALMS’ on the left-column. You don’t even need to scroll down to find the logo. Click on it.
  6. To find SSD1 in army AKO, you’ll be required to go to ALMS homepage. The previous click will redirect you to this page with the link to ALMS homepage. Simply hover your pointer and click on the respective button.
  7. On the lower right column of the page, there’s the box with ‘Tutorials and Additional Resources’ title. Inside that box you’ll find ‘Check browser settings’ link. Give a single-click on that.
  8. To answer how to find SSD1 in your army AKO, your browser needs to be ALMS compatible. Make sure you find no red-crosses on that page. Otherwise, you’ll need to adjust your computer to be ALMS compatible. Your internet browser incompatibility with the ALMS could be the reason why you cannot find SSD1 in AKO.
  9. After ensuring that no red-crosses limit you to access the SSD and everything checks out, get back to the ALMS homepage.
  10. Finally, to answer your query on how to find SSD1 in your army AKO, place a click on the ‘Execute Training’ tab on the upper side of the page. That’s where to find SSD1.
  11. After that, you’ll find the enrollment page for the SSD1. Fill in the required data error-free, and you’ll be all set. No need to further wonder about how to find SSD1 in your army AKO.

What to Fix if You Can Find the SSD1 In Your AKO

As mentioned earlier on the steps of how to find SSD1 in your army AKO, you’ll need to make sure that your browser is precisely compatible to the ALMS system.

Commonly, people deal with this, hence why they cannot access their SSD1. Although there are many other requirements, the common incompatibility will include:

  • IE version.
  • Flash player version
  • Operating system

Clicking on the ‘additional info’ which is located in one row will help you to troubleshoot the problem. You may need to upgrade the app or downgrade in order to make the access available.

Things get trickier when the operating system needs to be changed. In this case, you can call the help desk. There’s the link on the ALMS homepage, which links to the page covering the help desk number. Since the help desk is on the line 24/7, there’s no excuse that you’ll wonder how to find SSD1 in your army AKO.

That’s the information to answer how to find SSD1 in your army AKO. You can take your time, and make sure to do it properly. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the course. In that case, calling the help desk should help to cover the problem.