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FedEx Express is one of the largest shipping companies, and of course, working for this company is a fulfilling experience as it provides its professionals with a wide variety of comprehensive FedEx Express Employee Benefits.

FedEx Express Corporation has made a commitment to provide its employees with a number of excellent benefit packages, discounts, and amenities.

The company also provides extensive FedEx Express Employee Benefits and amenities to support and encourage a friendly working environment, which allows the employees to enhance their working performance and elevate the chance of having a successful career.

FedEx Express Employee Benefits

If you are working for FedEx Express or interested to work for this company, read the following discussion to know more about the employee benefits.

About FedEx

FedEx Express Corporation, or simply known as FedEx, is an American shipping company widely known for its capability in providing reliable delivery to more than 220 countries. After the acquisition of Gelco Express International—a Europe and Asia-based courier service—by FedEx Express, this shipping company invented the concept of a worldwide network that has been around for over 25 years.

FedEx Express Employee Benefits and Perks

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FedEx Benefits and Employee Discounts

FedEx Express is a shipping corporation headquartered in Tennessee, USA. It is widely known for its ability in providing reliable and fast delivery to more than 220 countries worldwide. The company considers its employees to be an essential part of the business, so it offers many interesting FedEx Express Employee Benefits.

FedEx Employee Discounts

Moreover, the company provides a welcoming working environment, as well as inclusive and pleasant workplace culture. The staff will receive benefits that will help them in a variety of ways. In addition, they also receive access to other FedEx Express Employee Benefits and amenities, such as gas profits, free vehicles, and many more.

In addition, FedEx provides many offers and incentives, as well as comprehensive benefit packages as a form of company’s appreciation to employees.

FedEx Employee Benefits and Perks

FedEx Express has a wide range of accessible and extensive employee benefits, as detailed below:

FedEx Career Benefits

In order to encourage its staff, FedEx Express Employee Benefits are provided, so it can motivate the staff to always make improvements and progress. The benefits are as follows:

  • Professional Development: FedEx Express encourages the employees to always learn about the business and to receive consistent, positive input on how they can make progress in their current position.
  • GED Compensation: employees are eligible for full reimbursement of GED for some specific courses.
  • Leadership Development Programs: it provides many leadership training programs to help employees develop into successful supervisors or managers.
  • Resources for Development: there are many workshops and internships to help them expand their expertise and experience.
  • Reimbursement for Tuition: the company also covers the entire cost of the employees’ educational expenditures and tuition to help them further their studies in an area that’s relevant to their current position.
  • Rewarding Programs: there are many award programs, including Five Star award, Excellence, Purple Promise, Purple Promise Quality, Humanitarian, and Bravo Zulu awards.

FedEx Career Benefits

FedEx Health Insurance Benefits

FedEx Express Employee Benefits also covers a number of fundamental healthcare insurance, so that employees can keep providing their best professional resources, as detailed below:

  • Healthcare Insurance: it covers hospital stays, regular health checkups, and medical operations for the employees and their immediate family members.
  • Dental Insurance: it covers preventative measures and advanced dental treatment for the employees and their immediate family members.
  • Vision Insurance: this one covers eye exams and any medical devices related to vision.
  • Counseling Services: FedEx employees gain free access to any counselor to discuss personal issues or work-related problems.
  • HSA (Healthcare Spending Account): it can be used to pay for authorized health bills for a year. The employees can also put a set amount of some of their salaries into this account.
  • Healthcare Plan Benefits: Employees are rewarded with routine medical checkups, lower insurance rates, and regular nutritionist appointments through this healthcare plan.
  • Maternity Support Program: It’s a program to help the pregnant employees to gain easy access to administrative resources, support, and assistance.
  • Telehealth: it covers the costs of telehealth, including the recommendations of the physicians, the provided services, and medical examinations for the staff and their families.

FedEx Express Benefits

FedEx Financial Benefits

With an extensive range of financial benefits, the staffs can secure their income for future retirement plans. The benefits are as follows:

  • FedEx 401(k) Retirement Plan: Staff can set aside 4% of their income and the company will match around 50% of their overall contribution.
  • Life Insurance: FedEx provides a low-cost life insurance package that covers half of the premiums.
  • Reimbursement for Adoption Assistance: The company covers the fees for adoption and court for a single employee who wants to adopt a child.
  • Commuter Benefit Packages: FedEx provides expenses reimbursement related to buses, trains, and parking.
  • Disability Benefits: there is short-term medical insurance for employees who suffer from a short-term disability that includes replacement of salary for a set period.
  • Bonus Pay: These benefits are provided to staffs who meet certain goals or those who go beyond.
  • Daycare Spending Accounts: The company also provides flexible spending accounts for daycare services.
  • Paid Time Off Benefits: It’s to ensure the employees can achieve a balanced work life.
  • Paid Time Off for Volunteering: Any volunteer work will be compensated.
  • Parental Leave: New parents are entitled to parental leave benefit packages, even if they fostered or adopted children.

In other words, FedEx provides many benefits for all eligible employees regardless of their positions.

FedEx Express Job Benefits

Please note the benefits may vary by the working hours, job position, period of employment, and location.

FedEx Express Contact Information

  • General Assistance: 1-901-369-3600
  • Customer Service: 1.800.Go.FedEx® (800-463-3339)
  • Investor Relations: 901-818-7200 (phone) and (email address)
  • FedEx media: 888-399-5999 or 901-434-8100 (urgent) or 9714-309-1222 (Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa) or 852-2514-0813 (Asia and Pacific)

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Well, if you are working for this shipping company, make sure you have an in-depth understanding of FedEx Express Employee Benefits you will obtain.