Error code [OR-IEH-01]. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later

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Your Android device may show the notification “Error code [OR-IEH-01]. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later”. Well, some methods can fix this situation properly.

Some users may encounter “Error code [OR-IEH-01]. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later” while buying contents with credit card to Google Payments. This issue needs the solution because it affects the payment and bring financial risk.

Error code [OR-IEH-01]. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later

The Reasons to Error Code [OR-IEH-01]

Before solving Error code [OR-IEH-01], you must know why this error appears. Based on investigation, some reasons are the factors that make Google Play Store sends this message. Below list provides general issues that may affect the credit card and its payment.

1. Using VPN or proxy service

Virtual Private Network or VPN is useful for your safety, privacy, and security. You can hide your IP address and network while accessing internet, including apps in Android smartphone. However, VPN has one drawback related to credit card, and it triggers to Error code [OR-IEH-01].

2. Root access and custom firmware

Android is open source and many vendors produce their own firmware. Some users want to explore more about Android device. For that purpose, they install the root access and custom firmware. After doing both processes, the device is completely new regarding the system. All settings and restrictions from vendors are gone.

Google Payment anticipates “Error code [OR-IEH-01]. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later” when the device uses unknown firmware. Even though the hardware is still from known vendor, the platform and system are unrecognized. The most dangerous situation is when firmware comes from unknown source. Your phone is at high risk and the credit card tries to avoid unwanted transaction.

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3. Resident and language does not indicate account correctly.

Error code [OR-IEH-01] is from setting when users choose language that’s different from they live. For example: you are in Asia, but the language setting is mostly in English. That configuration does not fit your profile in Google Account.

Solving Error code [OR-IEH-01]

Based on the list of factors why “Error code [OR-IEH-01]. An unexpected error has occurred, Please try again later” occurs, you can choose several methods. Firstly, the device does not use VPN. This is primary action you must do before entering the next steps.

1. Restore firmware

If hardware and software are already changed, you need extra effort for bringing it back into factory version. Usually, vendors provide their own firmware in official website. You can download and restore the device immediately. The device becomes legal and ready to proceed into the next step.

2. Add ID

Credit card and payment processor needs valid ID. Google Payment will collect ID from users, and the credit card is active. This method shows that you are legal holder and user on that device as well as the credit card. Add your ID for solving Error code [OR-IEH-01].

3. Utility bill and bank statement

Sometimes, ID is not enough and user must upload other documents. The payment needs documents that show transaction. The examples of them are utility bill and bank statement. You can upload one of them or both then wait until the payment is ready. This step will guarantee that you can access credit card in Google Play Store. Therefore, the Error code [OR-IEH-01] is no longer available.

Verification does not take long if users have utilized credit card in previous transaction. You only need to strengthen your payment processor. On the other hand, new users must wait until the verification is done. As usual, Google will send notification in email. You can check and see if the account is ready for Google payment.

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“Error code [OR-IEH-01]. An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later” may put on hold your account but not blocked the entire platform. You are still capable accessing other apps and Google Play Service. One issue is payment, and the method above will help to fix it. After that, you can pay and buy anything.