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Dollar General Employee Benefits – A lot of people have mentioned how good it is to work at Dollar General.

One of the reasons is the various attractive Dollar General Employee Benefits as well as other privileges that are given by the company to the employees.

Dollar General indeed gives out a lot of perks, rewards, and benefits to every single one of the team members. This is to make sure that the company can support the needs of their employees, including their physical, financial, and emotional needs. The company also wants to help employees to reach a balance in their working life situation. Not only that, part-time employees and independent contractors will also get the benefits if they work for Dollar General.

Dollar General Benefits

This article will help you understand the Dollar General Employee Benefits as well as Dollar General employee discounts and other perks that come with the job. You can also learn more about the available Dollar General careers that might have a vacation for you.

Why Choose Dollar General Careers?

Dollar General Corporation is one of the biggest store chains in America that sells discounted products. This company provides various products, including groceries and other household items. The company was established in 1939 and began its operation as a family-owned business. In 1995, the company changed its stride and became Dollar General Corporation.

Dollar General Careers

The company’s main office is located at 100 Mission Ridge in the city of Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Currently, Dollar General Corporation has around 16,278 operating stores in America. Their employees are estimated to be around 143,000 people.

The people running the company have a strong belief that their employees are their most important assets. Therefore, Dollar General is always proud to offer new job opportunities to everyone that is illegible. The company also puts a lot of their investment in training and developing new skills of their employees so they can maintain a good career option.

This is why the company always offers various benefits, perks, and rewards to every employee. All of these job perks are designed so that the employees can feel that they are supported in fulfilling their physical, financial, and emotional needs. Aside from balancing work and life, the employees can be sure that they can support their families.

This is also the reason why dependents of employees can still be eligible for every benefit given by the Dollar General.

Dollar General Employee Benefits

If you’re considering joining Dollar General Corporation as an employee, we will explore all the privileges and benefits that you will get by working for them.

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Dollar General Employee Benefits

As we have mentioned before, the company puts a lot of weight on supporting their employees because they know that the people who are working for them are the key to their success. They always make sure that every aspect of their employee’s needs are met so they can work and maintain their good living condition.

Here are some of the highlights of their employee benefits program.

Dollar General Health Benefits And Well-being

Physical and mental well-being are two of the most important things to support good work from any employee. To support a good balance of these two aspects, Dollar General as a company offers various benefits, such as:

  • Full coverage for health insurance options including dental and medical Rx.
  • Disability supports both short-term and long-term.
  • Flexible spending accounts.
  • Various options for life insurance.
  • Identity theft protection and fraud protection from LifeLock.
  • Additional medical coverage.
  • Free legal service recommendation from MetLaw.
  • Insurance coverage for business travel accidents.
  • Parental leave.
  • Assistance for parents who want to adopt.

Dollar General Employee Benefits 2

Dollar General Retirement Savings Plan

Dollar General company will also match the employees’ 401(k) savings and retirement plans. This is to make sure that the employees can plan and execute their retirement dreams. The features are:

  • The company will match up to 25% of the employee’s income for the retirement plan.
  • The company will match with a generous amount for immediate investing.
  • Various options for other investment plans.

Dollar General Better Life Wellness Program

To ensure that the company can support and promote the total well-being of employee’s physical, financial, and mental health, the programs that are supported by the company are:

  • Employee assistance programs, such as counseling and legal recommendation for when the employees need them.
  • Healthy lifestyle and illness management programs.
  • Full coverage financial wellness, such as home insurance and discounted pet insurance.

Employee Benefits at Dollar General

Dollar General Financial Employee Benefits

Dollar General offers some benefits for the employee to support their financial well-being, including:

  • Employee discounts for every Dollar General employee.
  • Financial Wellness.
  • Pet insurance
  • Auto & Home insurance
  • Auto & home loans
  • Variety of investment and stack options
  • Yearly bonus chances
  • Competitive base pay
  • Service award credit program
  • Paid Leaves, vacation, and holidays

Dollar General Employee Benefits and Perks

Compensation and Rewards

The company also wants its employees to have a healthy and fulfilling life outside their job. They offer rewards such as:

  • Competitive base pay
  • Annual bonus opportunity
  • Service award recognition program
  • Paid vacation and holidays

DG Retiree Benefits

For employees that want to plan the retirement and their pension plans, the company also supports this by providing some benefits such as:

  • The 25% match for employees 401(k) savings and retirement plans.
  • Company’s match and immediate vesting.
  • Full coverage for benefit pension plan.
  • Healthy Lifestyle program.
  • Illness management program.

Dollar General Jobs Benefits

Store Support Center Rewards

The corporate center of Dollar General also has:

  • Fitness Center
  • On-site Daycare for parents.
  • Dress for Your DG Day.
  • On-site dry cleaners.

Additional Dollar General Jobs Benefits

Other supplements for job perks from Dollar General include:

  • Parental Leave
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Legal assistance and counseling
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Workplace daycare
  • Dress for Your DG Day
  • Fitness and Health Center
  • On-site dry cleaning

Dollar General Employee Discounts

DG Me Employee Benefits Login

But before we can access all those benefits that we have mentioned above, you will need to log in to the official portal of the Dollar General Employee Benefits website.

The steps that are needed are:

  • Open the official portal of Dollar General Employee Benefits at
  • You will look to submit your personal login credentials, including your employee ID, your initials, and your password.
  • If the details are all correct, find a “Login” button and click on it.
  • You will be able to access your employee account and see the options for your benefits.

Dollar General Employee Benefits Login

Dollar General Employee Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447)
  • Mailing:
    Dollar General Corporation
    100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville,
    Tennessee 37072
  • Contact and Support page:

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This short article should be able to help you in understanding the Dollar General Employee Benefits as well as other discounts and perks that are given by the company for their employees. If you run into any troubles while accessing your account, please do not hesitate to contact customer service.