Does POF App Log You In Automatically and Can It Be Stopped?

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Plenty of Fish (POF) is a reputable online dating site that is currently gaining more popularity worldwide. One of the reasons for its tremendous global popularity is certainly the fact that now it is available in several different languages.

To help more people from every part of the world starting their successful love story, now the online dating platform is available in Arabic, Chinese, French and many other languages.

Plenty of Fish platform is also praised for its excellent features. However, it is still not perfect because there are users who still complain about specific problems on the site. One of them is login problem.

Does POF app log you in automatically? That is the main question many users ask in POF forums. This is because many users who use Plenty of Fish app reported that they still appear online even after logging out.

So, why does this happen? Does POF app log you in automatically?

Does POF App Log You In Automatically

Surprisingly, this problem only happens for users who use POF app. After the Plenty of Fish members downloaded the app and access the site from it, they experience logging out problem. No matter how many times they logged out, they still appeared online.

Does POF app log you in automatically? Is that the root of the problem?

This is a question many users ask. Does POF app log you in automatically? At first glance, it seems like a small issue.

However, when it comes to online dating, this logging out issue actually can be a huge problem. When the other users see you online and they message you, they definitely expect you to reply quickly.

However, since you actually has logged off, you definitely cannot read the message until the next time you log in. Unfortunately, since the other users don’t know that you are not logged in, they might think that you are not interested to them because you are not replying.

It can hinder your chance of meeting your soul mate. This is why answering this question is very important. Does POF app log you in automatically?

So, does POF app log you in automatically? Turns out, the answer is yes. The app is indeed the culprit.

There is a bug in the smartphone app that makes you appear online even if you haven’t access your Plenty of Fish account for days and have logged out.

Does POF app log you in automatically? Since the answer is yes, it is time to find the solutions for this.

For iPhone user, you can troubleshoot this problem simply by go to the Settings and turn off the Notifications.

Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t always work. If turning off the notification doesn’t work and you are bothered by this error, the only solution as of now is to simply uninstall the app and stop using it.

You don’t have to worry because you can still access Plenty of Fish official website via your browser’s smartphone. This way, your effort to find true love on Plenty of Fish online dating site will not be bothered.

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