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This article will show the basic information regarding Disney employee benefits, which can be obtained if you are an employee of Walt Disney Company, a mega-multinational company that often mentioned as the finest company to work for.

This is given to boost the life quality of Disney employees. Hence, the company provides various attractive benefits for all staff, even the cast members and part-timers. If you are working for this company, expect free tickets, family and friend’s discount, as well as many profits mentioned below.

All of these Disney employee benefits are accessible when you sign in to Disney official login site.

Are you ready to reveal the gift the company provides for you? Keep reading if you feel so.

About Disney

Disney Employee Benefits and Perks

The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational entertainment and mass media company. The company is otherworldly famous for building a gigantic perfect ‘eggs’ hatching place’ in terms of entertainment. Established in 1923, the company was named Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio – given that the founding fathers are two brothers: Walt and Roy Disney. The name had become as it is now since 1986. Nowadays, you can visit their HQ in California and is known as the trend leader of animation industry, theme parks, as well as television programs production.

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Disney Employee Benefits

With its offices scattered in many countries, the company employed 223,000 people (approx.) to work on the company’s continuity seamlessly. The company, as many people have known, is specialized in media and entertainment industry. Specifically, they are famous for being the trendsetter of animation and live-action film production. Not to forget, Disney theme parks are one of its prominent businesses too.

Disney Employee Benefits

As a good company, the company desires to provide support for its employees. Hence, Disney provides attractive Disney employee benefits (and Perks!) for its staff while serving for the company.

Are you yourself the employee of Disney? Then, you should’ve known what the benefits are. Whether you are a full-timer or a part-timer, it’s advised to know your benefits. Even cast members will get these benefits as well. So, instead of throwing the chance away, why don’t you chill and take a look of these beneficial gifts?

Disney Employee Benefits 2

This article below will show you the nitty-gritty of employee benefits, including Disney employee discounts, Disney employee friends and family discount, as well as other perks.

  • Discounts for the employees.
  • Free tickets for the employees.
  • Discounts for the employees family and friends.
  • Weekly Pay: with Direct Deposit, the cast members are paid weekly.
  • Tuition Assistance: for full-timers and hourly part-timers, there’s this Disney employee benefits for tuition costs. The company offers up to 100% payment reimbursement.
  • Paid Time Off: specific for full-timers on leave for vacation or due to sickness. Additionally, personal holiday is defined based on the position, length of service, and total daily working hours.
  • Child Care Support: at several learning center, Disney provides childcare for eligible members having children aged under 12.

Disney Jobs and Careers

  • Health Insurance: included affordable health insurance available options varying from general medical services, dental, and vision coverage (full-time employees only).
  • Commuter Benefits: for ones who are eligible only. It covers trains, buses, and parking fees.
  • For several departments, the schedules are flexible.
  • Assistance Program: this Disney employee benefits help workers to cultivate and promote their future.
  • Great Disney Employee Discounts, which is available in various selected hotels, merchants, dining spots, and recreation spots.
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

Disney Employee Discounts

  • Wellness Programs: this Disney Employee Benefits will include on-site fitness classes and various other wellness programs and seminars.
  • Experiences with Theme Park: another great Disney employee benefits is free theme park admission for both part-timers and full-timers starting two weeks after they work in the company.
  • Retirement/Stock: several retirement plans through stock purchase program are available for both part-timers and full-timers.
  • Commuter Assistance: as for this program, Disney cast members and employees are subject to accept commuter resources and incentives.

Disney Contact Information

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Final Words

Well, that’s the information about the benefits that Disney employees may get during their years of service in this company.

Regarding this article, if you have something to ask about, feel free to drop your inquiries about Disney employee benefits in the comment field.