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CVS Learnet is an online portal provided for CVS employees.

The employees have to attend occasional training by checking the module in their CVS Learnet account. To access the account, they should do CVS Learnet login.

By doing so, they will be able to excel themselves while working there. This is because through the online portal, education and guidance, as well as the information about tracking abilities are open for them to learn from.

CVS Learnet is known for being an impactful web portal, and this is considered as the best when it comes to Health Learning Management Systems.

That being said, logging in to CVS Learnet will be beneficial for CVS employees as they can improve themselves there.

About CVS

About CVS

CVS Pharmacy is part of an American company dealing with health care. Founded in 1963, the company was founded by Stanley and Sidney Goldstein, as well as Ralph Hoagland.

The headquarter is located in Rhode Island. The CVS itself stands for Consumer Value Store – abbreviated per se.

The company sells various medicines and general merchandise, including cosmetics, general drugs, film and photo finishing services, greeting cards, beauty products, seasonal merchandise, as well as convenience foods. They sell these stuffs online (at and offline.

The company provides occasional training for the employees. This is why the CVS Learnet is made. To access your account, you then need to perform CVS Learnet login. Find out below the procedure, requirements, and how to login to your account.

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CVS Learnet Login Requirements

  • Any gadget to access internet: desktop, tablet, or a smartphone.
  • Reliable internet connection and internet browser.
  • The website address of CVS Learnet
  • Lastly, the valid password and username to access your account.

CVS Learnet Login

To perform CVS Learnet login, the procedure you need to follow in order to ensure a successful login is as follows:

  • You need to access CVS Learnet login official website at Learnet Login
  • On the text box provided, key in your valid password and user ID.
  • Continue by clicking on “Login” button to access your account.

CVS Learnet Forgot Password

There are times when you are about to do CVS Learnet login, but you forgot the password. In that case, you can do this procedure:

  • First, access the CVS Learnet login website at Learnet Forgot Password
  • Find “Self-Serve Password Reset” link, then click it.CVS Learnet Forgot Password 2
  • Continue by clicking “Reset Forgot Password”.CVS Learnet Forgot Password 3
  • As prompted, you need to input the User Login information. Choose “Next” button afterwards.
  • Then, simply follow the instruction provided to reset your password.

CVS Learnet Login Help

  • You can call CVS Learnet Mobile at 855-280-4872 if you are not an in-store.
  • You can also call this number if you are in-store: 866-528-7272.
  • If you need to visit the company, here is the address: CVS Headquarters One CVS Dr. Woonsocket, RI 02895.
  • Reference:

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Final Words

So, that’s the information you may need about CVS Learnet login. Hopefully, you will find this article useful if you are facing difficulty to login to your account.