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Chase Mortgage Company, just like the name stated, is a company that works on a field of mortgage loan. This part of JPMorgan Chase & Co is included in one of the largest mortgage lenders in the class.

Completed by various features and privileges, it makes the company trusted by customers that spread across United States. Based on Chase Mortgage reviews, it is also known for the excellence data management. It keeps customer’s data and files safe and organized, thus minimizing the chance of data loss.

Moreover, Chase is famous for various discounts and remission addressed to loyal customers. It offers a broad range of choice of loans, in accordance with the vision to provide a vast amount of option for customers. Well, Chase Mortgage reviews will discuss the ups and downs side of the company.

According to Chase Mortgage reviews, it is one of many companies that apply fixed rate to the loan, ranging from 10-30 year terms. Meanwhile, adjustable rate starts from 5 to 10 years.

Moreover, Chase Mortgage also offers basic services such as FHA, VA, HARP, and several loans with low down-payment, entitled Agency Affordable loan, with only 3% down-payment for borrower who has a good credit score (680 or better) and DreaMaker mortgage that might come in handy.

For you who have 620 or better credit score, you will be rewarded with 5% down-payment. This loan has a time span of 30 years with relatively low monthly payments.

Chase Mortgage Reviews for Loan Process

Chase Mortgage Reviews

Chase Mortgage works relentlessly to maintain the service quality as good as possible, especially for new or potential borrowers. That’s why it exerts every effort to ensure the mortgage application process goes smoothly.

Chase Mortgage reviews also discuss about the step-by-step of loan application process as well.

After you prepared the required data, you can go to their website and fill in the e-form provided there. Then, upload the scanned version of your personal data and financial report at account.

After that, you will be invited to come to the nearest Chase Branch office in your area, or called by your mortgage banker that will ask few basic and additional questions regarding your data. Chase officials will then evaluate all of your data, to determine whether it is valid and complete or not, so as to now become a hindrance in the future.

This is called as “Evaluation Phase”, the required time to do this phase may vary, but Chase guarantees the maximum of 60 days since registration period.

If Chase officials have confirmed the validity of your data, you may allow proceeding to closing phase. After completing the closing phase, now you officially become a customer of Chase Mortgage Company.

Aside from all the good side of Chase Mortgage reviews, it also has several disadvantages. Based on Chase customers’ critiques, Chase Mortgage lack in several points that, in fact, quite crucial. What makes it worse is that some of those minor points are originated from its specialty.

That is the elaborated version of Chase Mortgage reviews. Aside of the entire plus and minus, Chase is one of the best mortgage loan companies in its class. If you are interested to be the customer, just go to or call 1-877-242-7372 (U.S.) and 1-713-262-3300 (outside U.S.).