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If you are currently searching for home mortgage, you might want to consider using the service of Chase Home Mortgage. First things first, after finding the right home, you need to be prequalified by the company.

After that, you need to get Chase Mortgage Pre Approval. The steps to get the pre-approval might be confusing for some people, but you do not need to worry we will discuss it all the way.

In order to get Chase Mortgage Pre Approval, it is better to understand the brief background of the company. The company is part of JPMorgan Chase & Co which serves people all across America.

The one which takes care of the mortgage company is Chase Bank with various services in finance such as auto financing, personal banking, mortgages, credit cards, investment advice, payment processing, and small business loans.

For your information, the company has an official mobile application and official website. A Twitter account is also provided for the customers to contact the bank directly through its customer service team. Moreover, both credit and debit cards are available for the customers to use.

To contact the company, you can reach the customer service team through the official Twitter account @ChaseSupport. The official website and mobile application respectively are and Chase Mobile Application.

Both are available worldwide either for Android or iOS user. To engage in more direct way to contact the customer service team, feel free to call them at 1-800-848-9136.

Getting Chase Mortgage Pre Approval

Chase Mortgage Pre Approval

According to the company’s real estate agent, getting Chase Mortgage Pre Approval is a big advantage as it helps you to know what your current ability in searching for home mortgage is.

If you don’t get the pre-approval, you will go blind in looking for the right home. Eventually, if you cannot afford it, you have to find other homes.

Therefore, in order to avoid going blind in looking for the right home, getting Chase Mortgage Pre Approval is necessary as well as essential to know that there is an official document which states everything that you need to know about the right home.

After looking at the house and considering the documents, both you and the company’s representative can make an offer which gives both parties the win-win solution.

What are the ways to get Chase Mortgage Pre Approval then? By providing the company your bank statements, pay stubs, tax from the last two years, income statements, and rent checks. Any other official documents containing your name on it will also be provided to the company’s representatives.

Furthermore, to get Chase Mortgage Pre Approval, you might want to have a proper conversation regarding your income and assets to the company’s representatives, as the latter will calculate whether you are fit to mortgage the home or not.

By doing this kind of conversation, the company will know what is going to happen in the future once you officially have the home.

Another important thing to note in getting Chase Mortgage Pre Approval is your credit. The company’s representative might want to do a credit check just in case to know what your capabilities are and how your credit works.

More importantly, the report of your credit will be a consideration for the company to actually let you have the mortgage or not.