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Sometimes because of one or another reason, homeowners encounter technical issues while making their monthly payments. This may lead them receiving credit scores reduction or penalty that is putting them at disadvantage.

When choosing a mortgage company, people need to consider available payment methods to avoid that. Chase Mortgage payment methods are diverse and tailored to enable customers making payments at their own conveniences.

Methods of Payment at Chase Mortgage

There are several Chase Mortgage payment methods that are available to customers. There are more conventional methods such as check or money order mailing and by phone payment.

This mortgage company also allows online transfer from other banks if customers do not want to use their Chase accounts for some reasons. Customers can also make their payment through their online mortgage accounts easily. Customers will not be charged when making payment with any of these methods.

Chase Mortgage Payment

Some customers still prefer on making Chase Mortgage payment by check or pre-specified money order. When a customer receives statement of upcoming payment, they can see how much they need to pay for that month and the address of where their payment should be sent to.

Check or money order can either be mailed to the address on statement or be brought to local Chase branches near customer’s location. If customer chooses to mail their payment (along with their payment coupon), it is better to send it five to seven days before due to ensure it will be received by the company on time.

The downside of this method is customer will not know whether their payment made it on time until next statement is coming.

Customers can also make payment through automated phone line at 1-800-848-9136. This number is available 24/7 for customers’ conveniences. Customer must have transit and routing number available before making payment through this method.

They will receive confirmation number when they have completed their payment. Another way is to make online transfer from other bank accounts. Customers must follow payment instruction from their own banks.

Perhaps the simplest Chase Mortgage payment method is payment through it online mortgage account. Customers can either make one-time payment or set up scheduled monthly installments.

Both payment plans allow customers to add principal payment so they can conclude their mortgage at faster pace. Here are the steps to make one-time payment through online mortgage account.

  • If customer is making their Chase Mortgage payment through the bank’s savings or checking account, they can sign into their account at
  • Select “Pay & Transfer” button then press “Pay bills”.
  • Choose mortgage account where the payment will be deposited.
  • Schedule payment for one time.
  • A confirmation number will pop up and show that the one-time payment has already been scheduled.
  • Confirmation email will also be sent to customer’s email address.

Meanwhile, customer who wishes to set up automatic monthly Chase Mortgage payment can follow these steps.

  • Sign into mortgage account at
  • Customer will be directed to their mortgage account profile.
  • Press “Set up” link for automatic payment.
  • Enter information such as mortgage account (because customer may have more than one), payment date, payment amount, and additional principal if any.
  • Customer then will receive confirmation that they have enrolled in automatic payment program.

These Chase Mortgage payment methods are designed to fit various customers’ profiles. Customers no longer need to worry about missing payments due to technical issues.