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As one of the largest banks, Chase provides much information about the service, including Chase Mortgage department. Mortgage is continuously developing every day.

A mortgage company will gain customers trust when it gives detailed information. In this case, there are two departments in Chase Mortgage assistance and Chase Mortgage payment.

Chase Mortgage Department Overview

Well, Chase provides mortgage assistance, so that customers will understand how to apply a mortgage properly step by step. You can start by preparing the needed document for Chase mortgage department assistance.

The document that should be prepared is all explained properly by Chase. Usually, when you want to take mortgage program, you have to understand its consequence. Furthermore, you will face some offered options to consider.

You can get started by gathering the information with three or more attachments. There are three documents, such as RMA, application checklist, and IRS form for 4506-EZ. The documents later should be sent via email, phone, and fax.

Chase Mortgage Department

After being accepted, Chase Mortgage department will review and provide the options. Then, you will be explained about the mortgage overall.

Typically, after taking mortgage, there are several options for customers. You should pay attention to every detail from Chase Mortgage department. There are two options: get current and keep the home, or sell/transfer the property.

Keeping home allows you to have repayment plan, forbearance plan, mortgage modification, and reinstatement. Meanwhile, selling or transferring the home will give you the choices of short sale or deed-in-lieu.

Speaking of payment, having transaction nowadays is not difficult. The distance does not become a reason anymore. Chase Mortgage department provides you with automatic payment.

There are two ways to pay the monthly payment. First, you can sign in with your email to Chase website at Next, search the Automatic Payment “Set up” then you can choose the payment options.

Second, there are several local Chase branches for customers. You can talk to a banker to help explaining about the mortgage payment.

Moreover, the presence of automatic payment of course is very helpful because you don’t have to go to Chase’s office. The benefits of using automatic payments of Chase Mortgage department are explained below.

  • The payment will be withdrawn each month from your saving accounts.
  • You can pay additional principal to make your balance faster.
  • You can cancel or change the payment amount of three business days of scheduled date.
  • Avoid possible late fee and missing your payment.
  • Escrow account is automatically changed and the payment amount will be adjusted.

Well, besides two methods mentioned above, you can pay online from other banks. You should visit the bank’s website first then follow the direction.

In addition, you can also use check or money order as well as pay by phone. Just call the Chase automated service at 1-800-848-9136. After the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation number.

Chase Mortgage department either for assistance or payment are very helpful. They are also easy to learn. Therefore, you will not get any difficulty anymore.