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As one of the United States leading consumer banks, Chase Mortgage Cash Back was announced. Chase is the U.S commercial and consumer banking brand of J.P. Morgan Chase & co.

Moreover, this company has more than 5,000 branches. With 14,000 ATMs and counting, it is considered to be the biggest in the United States.

Chase has more than 150 million credit cards issued. Serving 26,000 commercial banking clients, this includes corporations and many institutions with non-profitable work. For more information regarding J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. banking, click

1% Mortgage Cash Back has been an innovative benefit from Chase Exclusives. Chase Exclusive is the program that rewards customers for using the bank’s products and services.

Well, the benefits include Richer rewards for Chase Freedom credit card, a free rewards program on Chase debit card, a discount up to 0.50 percent on the interest rate of auto loan and home equity loan, higher interest rates on certificates of deposits, the waiver of IRA annual fee, and the free review of investment portfolio.

Chase Mortgage Cash Back

Before starting Chase Mortgage Cash Back program, the company has researched for what the consumers are after. Most of them preferred it 2 to 1 over a rate reduction and also liked to decide the reward would be by cash.

Customers have to decide at enrollment between the cash back option or the principal pay down option. The 1 percent annual award is based of the standard schedule of principal and interest. For more about 1% Mortgage cash back, you can visit

In addition, Chase Mortgage Cash Back program can be achieved for those who are the checking account customer. Each year, Chase Exclusive customers can earn 1% of their monthly principal and interest mortgage payment.

In order to earn 1% Mortgage Cash Back, they must buy a house or refinance by using Chase Mortgage. The second requirement is to have monthly mortgage payment to automatically deduct from your Chase checking account. It seems quite simple, isn’t it?

Chase Mortgage Cash Back will pay 1% of the total scheduled monthly principal an interest payment. The cash back will be paid on each annual anniversary of the loan’s origination as long as all of the annual payment for customer’s mortgage is made automatically from Chase checking account.

Customers can use that annual payment directly to their mortgage or receive a deposit into checking account. This program can save customers thousands of dollars over their loan.

For an example, Chase Mortgage Cash Back allows homeowner with a 30-year, with a fixed-rate $210,000 mortgage at 6 percent and help them to save almost $12,000. Another benefit of 1% cash back is that you can pay off the mortgage nine months early.

Chase Mortgage Cash Back program is available as the exclusive offer to customers who are registered for Checking Account in most Chase bank branches.

Customers can also apply 1% Mortgage Cash back via phone at 1-888-789-1714. Are you interested in Chase Mortgage Cash Back program? Just open your Chase account now before this deal ends.