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Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service can help customers regarding home mortgage information, finding the right Home Lending Advisor, Home Refinance services and many more. Before calling Chase’s Customer Service, just follow these certain steps for first-time buyers or looking for additional house.

The first important step for anyone who is trying to buy a house from Chase is to prequalify. Go to Chase website if you want to apply it online. Fill in your complete information in the Mortgage Prequalification Request.

There, any applicant and co-applicant must complete the personal information, property & loan application, and finances information. Do not forget to verify all of the tabs before submitting the application.

You can contact Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service after submitting the application for a fast verification. Here is the following information which the applicant and co-applicant must provide:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number(s)
  • E-mail address
  • Residency Status
  • Current and previous address
  • Mailing address
  • Total year income
  • Value of assets (if you own)
  • Property type (for buying a house)
  • Purchase price and down payment
  • Annual taxes and insurance (Estimated)
  • Name and number of your real estate agent

Evade any misinformation in filling the tab since the first step can take time to process. If either applicant or co-applicant has any difficulties, please contact Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service for further help. If you apply online, click the highlighted “Help” on top of the Mortgage Prequalification Request.

Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service

Moreover, if you apply any house purchases via Chase agents directly, they will provide important information regarding mortgage loan products. For online applicant, click the “Important information regarding Chase’s Mortgage loan products” under the application tab or contact Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service.

The document stated a few basic terms of the loan products that are available from Chase. Be advice that the document is basically a summary and does not constitute a commitment to make a loan.

Read it carefully to achieve basic knowledge of Chase Loan Products, especially for first time buyers.

The first page will give general information of various types of mortgage loan and their features. The second page is the documents that the applicant required to sign after obtaining a loan from Chase.

Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service can give basic information. For a detailed one, contact your home lending advisor.

The second step for buying a house through Chase is finding a Home Lending Advisor. Any advisor can answer your questions regarding home buying.

Their job includes understanding your costs, estimating what price range you can comfortably afford and helping to organize the steps to take in purchasing a house. Find the nearest home lending advisor through Chase website or contact Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service.

Chase agents will ask any applicants to be aware of the Chase’s mortgage rate. Depending on the location, some products and features might be different as well.

Make sure the information you have is correct. Use online help for looking the exact product and feature for your detailed location.

For further information, try to learn mortgage and be aware of what you need to do and avoid. Just contact Chase Home Mortgage Customer Service for complete information.