Cfahome Login at Step By Step

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This Cfahome login guide is meant for the Chick-fil-A employees who want to know how to sign into their account in the company’s employee portal site.

This site provides a number of beneficial features for the employees. An example of the feature is to check and view the detail of the employee’s payroll.

Chick-fil-A itself is one of the leading fast-food chains in the United States. The main menu offered by the restaurant is chicken sandwiches.

Chick-fil-A Inc. was established by S. Truett Cathy back in 1946. The company now has its headquarter office in Georgia.

It was originally served menus of breakfast, but then later developed and transitioned to menus of lunch and dinner. Chick-fil-A also often offers special menu options during special events.

You can simply scroll down the article to find out about the Cfahome login procedure. You’ll also read about how to recover your password.

Read along to know about all the required steps in the following section to access your account in Cfahome portal site.

What is Cfahome Login?


Cfahome is the online portal site made by Chick-fil-A for its employees. As mentioned above, it provides various work-related features for the employees. However, before you proceed into performing Cfahome login, you have to own registered account first with username ID and password. Please contact the Chick-fil-A help desk via phone call, which the number is provided in this article as well, to register yourself.

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Cfahome Login Requirements

  • The official Cfahome login portal site address.
  • Registered account with username ID and password.
  • Web browser.
  • Device to connect to internet (desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.)

Cfahome Login

Here are three simple steps you have to follow in order to sign into the Cfahome employee portal site and access your account:

  • Open the official Cfahome login portal site address at Login
  • Input your username ID and password as login credentials by typing them in.
  • Select the ‘Login’ menu by clicking or pressing on the button and wait until you’re being redirected to your account’s page.

Cfahome Account Forgot Password

Here are three simple steps you have to follow in order to recover your Cfahome employee account’s password:

  • Open the official Cfahome login portal site address at Account Forgot Password
  • Select the menu of ‘Forgot Password?’ by clicking or pressing on the button.Cfahome Account Forgot Password 2
  • Input your username ID by typing it in and then click or press on the menu ‘Reset via SMS’.
  • Wait until your receive message that contains link to recover your password.
  • Open the provided link and then follow the rest of instructed steps to recover your password.
  • After you have successfully recovered your password, try to log into your account again.

Cfahome Login Help Desk Number

Chick-fil-A Inc. mailing address:

  • 5200 Buffington Road,
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30349.

Alternatively, you may reach their help desk via phone call at: 800-232-2677

Official website:

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Final Words

You have known all the required steps to perform Cfahome login now. The procedure is actually really simple, but if you encounter problems or difficulties when trying to access your account, you may directly contact the Chick-fil-A help desk numbers above.