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Many people find paying mortgage to be tedious. Mortgage companies may not always offer clear explanation of the payment methods.

Issues may also arise during payment process, like delay in transfer. Mortgagors need to worry no more, though. With Cenlar pay mortgage becomes a very simple task.

Mortgage Payment at Cenlar

At Cenlar, customers can make their monthly mortgage payments through several platforms. Ones who prefer more conventional way can send their bill to Cenlar’s main office at 425 Phillips Boulevard, Ewing, New Jersey 08618. In Cenlar pay mortgage can be done through phone too.

Customers can call phone number 800-223-6527 to confirm that their bills have been paid. The system is very well-organized. Customers are also allowed to pay by cash at Cenlar customer centers all over the country.

Cenlar Pay Mortgage

To keep up with current technology, in Cenlar pay mortgage through online system is also made possible. Customers can create an account at Cenlar or other third party websites and set up either one time or monthly payment through that account.

Customers can arrange monthly payment through their banks as well. If customers are having issues with their mortgage payments, they can send emails to customerservice@loanadministration.com during work hours (from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) with average waiting period of only six minutes.

Those various payment platform choices prove that in Cenlar pay mortgage is not a difficult thing to do. In addition to that, Cenlar also offers payment adjustment throughout the course of mortgage process.

Adjust Mortgage Payment at Cenlar

Cenlar understands that economy sector is continuously changing, which affects customers’ conditions as well as businesses. Cenlar pay mortgage plan can be altered to accommodate customers’ current conditions as they see fit. Cenlar especially pays close attention to customers who are at disadvantage.

There are several measures that customers can go through to avoid foreclosure if they still want to live in the house. Customers can apply for modification to adjust their Cenlar pay mortgage plan according to their current conditions.

Modification may include mortgage term extension and possibly reduction of interest rate. The second alternative is forbearance. It means that customers’ monthly payments are briefly reduced or suspended.

Forbearance is applied for mortgagors who experience short-lived adversities such as short-term illness or temporary unemployment. The third choice is Repayment Plan. With this plan, customers will arrange scheduled installments with the company that will conclude their mortgage loans.

Cenlar pay mortgage plan adjustment is also available for people who can no longer afford living in their house but do not want to risk foreclosure. The first solution is short sale. It means to sell the property less than what it currently owes.

The second one is deed in lieu. By choosing the second solution, a customer returns the agreement deed to the bank so the customer is not in charge of the debt anymore.

To adjust their payment plans, customers must enclose some necessary documents such as tax returns, recent paystubs, income documents, bank statements, and record or documents stating their hardships.