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Carrington Mortgage reviews provide an article about the way people perceive the service through diverse experiences. It talks about how the service helps people in need as well as how it actually works.

If you are looking for an alternative mortgage loan, you might consider it as one of the options.

About Carrington Mortgage Services

Well, Carrington Mortgage reviews will not be completed without a proper background of the service. For your information, this service belongs to Carrington Holding Company.

It is a private investment management company with Ray Brousseau as its president. The service is among four business companies which specialized in real estate.

Carrington Mortgage Reviews

Aside from the mortgage service, this company also offers property management, real estate services, and capital management. Retail and wholesale lending are also included in the mortgage lending service.

Firstly established in 2007, the company is headquartered at 1600 South Douglas Road, CA 92806. It is a licensed company with branches in every state excluding Massachusetts, Alaska, Vermont, and North Dakota.

If you have any further questions about the service, feel free to contact them at 1-800-561-4567 from 08:00 am to 08:00 every Monday to Friday (Eastern Time).

How the Service Works

As stated previously, Carrington Mortgage reviews will talk about how the service works and how people perceive it. First things first, let’s see how it deals with people across the state.

Rule number one: 550 is the minimum credit score for people who want to use the service. Compared to other companies, the number below 650 is considered as low and many lenders think about it as “risky”.

However, in this company, people are welcomed to use the service even if the number doesn’t reach 650. In fact, almost 45% of its borrowers come from this kind of people.

In Carrington Mortgage reviews, the reason behind why this company allows such kind of people to use the service will be revealed. According to Brousseau, Carrington mortgage has in-house underwriters who are experienced in managing issues like these and often underwrite loans manually.

To complete Carrington Mortgage reviews, let’s take a look on how people can actually begin the mortgage process. Well, it can be done through online submitting or by visiting one of its branches across the states such as California, Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and South Carolina.

You can also call the customer service on phone then proceed to create an account on Carrington Mortgage Services’ official website.

The other things mentioned in Carrington Mortgage reviews are the company products. They are differentiated into four types of loans.

The president Ray Brousseau stated that in each month, the company roughly lends its efforts to 20% Veteran Affairs loans, 70% Federal Housing Administration loans, 6% conventional loans, and 3% or 4% USDA loans. The FHA loans specifically provide money for the borrowers to make projects for improving their home.

In addition, another detail on this Carrington Mortgage reviews would be what people think about the service. They like it when the service lets people with lower number of credit scores to use it.

Its easily navigated website is another value for people who love to gain appropriate materials and clear information. The way the service offers assistance in down payment programs through the authorities of state housing is included on the list.