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People use mortgage to buy home using loan. There are many companies with mortgage as their service and one of them is Carrington mortgage.

When you have mortgage, the payment is obligatory to be completed. Carrington mortgage payment has several methods to let customer choose whatever suits their situation.

The payment depends on amount of mortgage you choose. Moreover, this payment is no just single fee where you send certain money monthly.

Carrington mortgage divides the payment into some parts, such as rate escrow account and insurance. When you send money for Carrington mortgage payment early, there is no late fee.

In the past time, everything was done manually. Customers should visit the office then fill some forms. After that, they paid then received the bill. It was not effective and efficient way because it took ton of time and effort.

Therefore, the company provided some branches, but it seems not enough to serve all customers. This is where website and advanced payment methods start to apply.

Carrington mortgage payment can be done anywhere and it is not limited to single method. You may use bank transfer, check, Western Union, Money Gram, Phone, and Auto Pay.

Well, bank transfer and sending check are the most common way to pay anything in today era. For paying via both methods, you can follow these procedures.

  • You should have bank account first.
  • Visit the bank website and go to online transfer.
  • Just send amount of money based on your mortgage payment.
  • You may need to pay fees on this process.
  • For check method, send the payment to Carrington Mortgage Service, LLC, PO BOX 79001, Phoenix, AZ 85062-9002

Using Website for Carrington Mortgage Payment

Carrington Mortgage Payment

Auto Pay or Automatic Payment is one of Carrington mortgage payment that uses website to send the money. It is quite similar where you transfer using online bank account.

However, this process is more efficient when you do not have enough time to take mortgage payment.

Before going further about Carrington mortgage payment using website, there are few requirements in order to work properly. Firstly, you need to have Carrington mortgage account. It is necessary because Auto Pay is only for customer and client.

To get Carrington mortgage membership, you should have loan number to identify that your account is valid. After that, Carrington mortgage account is ready for payment process. Let’s check the steps.

  • Visit
  • Go to login area on the left then sign in with username and password.
  • Go to payment section then adjust some requirements for Auto Pay.

The process for Carrington mortgage payment is easy and need less time. If you have difficulty to do this kind payment, just call customer service at 1-800-561-4567. The office is available at business hour from 8 am until 8 pm in Monday to Friday.

Besides via website and online methods, Western Union and Money Gram are the other ways to pay your mortgage. Go to nearby agent then fill some forms. The payment will be done quickly due to real time process. You need to save the document for further mortgage payment verification.

However, some customers are still difficult to use Carrington mortgage payment via online. In this case, the fax and phone are available to support them.

For fax, notify the Carrington mortgage at 800-486-5134. Make sure to call the customer service of Carrington mortgage for further information.