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Carrington Mortgage Services is an integrated company that has served more than $10 billion in mortgages. The company is built on values like virtue, transparency, and fairness.

It aims to help customers choosing the right mortgage programs, guide them during the process, and assist customers in loan payments. They launched Carrington Mortgage My Loan or My Loan Detail to further engage with customers, especially to help them learning about mortgage.

Carrington Mortgage My Loan is an educational website launched by the company to help mortgagors understanding their loans better. The development of this application is in line with the company’s commitment to responsible and ethical loan as well as education for borrowers.

Carrington Mortgage Services believes that mortgagors who understand their loans tend to comply with responsibilities stated in their mortgages. In return, this will bring about more enduring and trustworthy business.

Carrington Mortgage My Loan provides an explanation of mortgage process. This is important, especially for those who are unfamiliar with things related to mortgage such as amortization, loan underwriting approval, escrow account, payment options, and so on.

After mortgage explanation step, this Carrington Mortgage application will give a checklist of inquiries and answers in order to confirm that the prospective borrower understands about mortgage loan, obligations of each party under the mortgage, and a detailed list of fees and payments.

Completion of Carrington Mortgage My Loan is the final step for every prospective borrower to obtain a loan. Regardless their FICO credit scores, borrowers are required to fill the entire application thoroughly. Borrowers will receive a certificate of completion after finishing this application. This step concludes the whole mortgage inquiry process.

Steps for Completing My Loan Application

Carrington Mortgage My Loan

This application helps customers to learn more about mortgage in the comfort of their home. With Carrington Mortgage My Loan, customers do not need to come to the office for mortgage education sessions and take mortgage knowledge test.

To start the application, people need to create an account in My Loan Detail website. Here are the steps to register to this application.

  • Access
  • Create an account by clicking “Register”.
  • Complete the required field, such as: last name, last four digits of SSN, Loan Number, and customer’s date of birth. This step is only possible if your name is already registered in the company’s system.
  • Fill basic user information and security questions.
  • Create a password for the account.

After creating account in Carrington Mortgage My Loan, you can finally start the whole steps. Here are what you need to do to complete the program. First, read through the explanations.

The explanation and inquiries are divided into three parts. The first part explains how mortgage work, the second part gives you an explanation about things related to mortgage like basic terms of loan, and the third part delves into the process of mortgage payments.

Next, respond to three statements confirming the understanding of this program then obtain an electronic certificate of the program completion. That’s all you need to do to complete the final step before obtaining your mortgage loan.

You do not need to go to the office for that. Carrington Mortgage My Loan definitely makes your life easier.