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Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC was founded in 2007 by its parent company Carrington Holding Company, LLC. Since its establishment, this mortgage service company has managed more than $10 billion in mortgage related funds.

As more people seeking the company’s service to help with their mortgages, it expands its business and now Carrington Mortgage locations are scattered all over United States.

This company encompasses loan programs selection, mortgage process assistance, and loan payments support. Carrington Mortgage helps creating a bridge between mortgagors and fund providers.

Moreover, it has obtained licenses as mortgage broker in nearly every state across US, not including Massachusetts and North Dakota. This helps Carrington Mortgage reaching bigger market as their area of work is expanding.

The headquarters is based in Anaheim, CA. However, as the market increases its demands Carrington Mortgage locations are currently spread throughout the country.

There are forty Carrington Mortgage offices in various states, from West Coast to East Coast. These offices are established in order to get closer with customers from many different locations, so they can give better services.

Carrington Mortgage Office Locations

Carrington Mortgage Locations

There are fourteen Carrington Mortgage locations in California State alone. The first one is definitely Carrington Mortgage headquarter office located at 1600 South Douglass Road, Suite 11 & 200-A in Anaheim. You can contact the office through phone at (844) 488-6040.

In Northern California, Carrington Mortgages are located in San Jose (at Unit 20, Suite A on 1087 Meridian Avenue), Fresno (on 7600 North Ingram Avenue), San Ramon (at Suite 475 on 12647 Alcosta Boulevard), El Dorado Hills (at Suite 201 on 3840 El Dorado Hills), Vacaville (at Suite B on 505 Merchant Street), Roseville (at Suite 125 on 2237 Douglas Boulevard).

The other offices in California are located in the southern part which are: Orange (at Suite 110 on 600 City Parkway West), Escondido (at Office 110 on 387A North Escondido Boulevard), Irvine (at Suite 160 on 111 Pacifica), Long Beach (at Suite 100 on 3530 Atlantic Avenue), Murrieta (at Lot #230 on 25186 Hancock Avenue), Rancho Cucamonga (at Suite B-140 on 10370 Commerce Center Dr.), San Diego (at Suite 102 on 9449 Balboa Avenue).

In Florida, there are six Carrington Mortgage locations. The first is in Jacksonville, specifically at Suite 201 Number 205-208 on 8120 Nations Way.

The company also established offices in other cities like Boca Raton (at Office A on 725 East Palmetto Park Road), Lake Mary (at Suite 145 on 735 Primera Boulevard), Lakeland (at Suite 102 on 3003 South Florida Avenue), Orlando (at  Suite 253-255 on 12301 Lake Underhill Road), and Tampa (at Suite 132 on 5201 West Kennedy Boulevard).

In Midwest area, you can find Carrington Mortgage locations in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. There are two locations in Illinois which are Chicago (on 6252 North Lincoln Avenue) and Lombard (1919 South Highland Avenue).

In Indiana, you can find it in Westfield, on 2100 E. 196th Street. White Lake, Missouri is another office location in the Midwest. In Ohio, there are two Carrington Mortgage locations: Westerville (on 470 Olde Worthington Road) and Mason (on 7577 Central Parke Boulevard).

The other Carrington Mortgage locations can be found in various other states, like: Connecticut, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, and even Hawaii. This definitely accommodates customer who wants to get the services.