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Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC has been in the mortgage business for more than ten years. The company’s guiding principle to provide first-rate services for its customers is what makes it is thriving forward in the competitive business.

However, there may be some instances when customers’ needs are not met resulting in Carrington Mortgage complaints filled by them.

Well, the company was set up in 2007 with an objective to provide support in mortgage related matters, including loan programs choice, loan process aid, and payments assistance. It is licensed in 49 different states in the US, except North Dakota and Massachusetts.

The company is handling a very big market, organizing over $10 billion funds. Although it has always tried to put customers’ best interests first, some of them may not be satisfied with services offered. Carrington Mortgage always welcomes these complaints in order to improve the quality of service.

Complaints Related to Carrington Mortgage Services

Carrington Mortgage Complaints

There are some online platforms out there that allow customers to voice their opinions about companies and their products or services. As a customer-oriented company, Carrington Mortgage respects these platforms.

They serve as feedback tools to understand customers’ preferences and satisfaction toward the offered services. Carrington Mortgage complaints by customers often related to billing or collection issues.

Some customers have reported that they face problems when making payments through bank transfer and mail, resulting in payment delay. Another most reported issue is customers’ dissatisfaction toward services offered by the company.

Although it has tried to organize plans that cater people from various backgrounds, some may still find the services inadequate. Other forms of Carrington Mortgage complaints from customers are advertising or sales issues and delivery issues.

Some customers also found issues in the lack of clear explanations provided by the company related to mortgage process. Well, Carrington Mortgage continues trying to tackle these problems.

To manage incoming complaints, the company established its own platform. This will allow customers to directly voice their concerns to Carrington Mortgage Services.

That way, the company can resolve the issues immediately and tailor the solutions according to specific cases of Carrington Mortgage complaints. This is in line with Carrington Mortgage’s guiding principle that’s the responsibility to customers.

Customer Complaints’ Platform

There seems to be a need for company own platform to handle Carrington Mortgage complaints. Customers with a concern about their mortgage service can contact the company through phone number (844) 563-0516.

You may also send an air mail directed to Customer Complaints/MLD at PO Box 3220, Anaheim, CA 92803. To your convenience, you can also submit a complaint by sending an email to

For more complex Carrington Mortgage complaints or concerns, the company arranges a well-trained Customer Advocacy Group to help find solutions to those issues more intensively.

Concerned customers can reach to Customer Advocacy Group by phone at 866-874-5017. They may also send an email to to get aids for their issues.

Carrington Mortgage plans to be a long lasting business and it believes that treating the customer right is the way to go. By handling Carrington Mortgage complaints directly, the company wants to cater every single customer’s need and develop a healthy, longstanding relationship with them.