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Anyone looking for a reliable mortgage service should consult Carrington Mortgage Company, a provider that has been in the business from 2007. Carrington Mortgage Services is basically a subsidiary establishment from the same Holding Company, LCC, which is a private company running on investment management.

Aside from managing investment portfolio and mortgage service, there are some services that have been major focus for this establishment.

Carrington Mortgage Company Mission

Carrington Mortgage headquarter is located in California, providing services for both investors and clients. There are full mortgage loan cycle services that are applicable for both investors and also borrowers.

With their main mission to provide great, friendly, and supportive customer service, their focus is to provide excellent financial assistance and guidance in property ownership. Value service becomes the major point in their service.

Carrington Mortgage Company

Carrington Mortgage Company major mission is to help people get their own property through provided financial aid, as well as making sure that their borrowers are able to keep their property and have a comfortable living space. There are some shared responsibilities when conducting their businesses as they have their own guidance principles.

Carrington Mortgage Company first responsibility is to their clients, making sure that customers become major priority. It’s safe to say that clients come first, focusing on superior solutions, guidance, advice, and assistance.

Professional integrity should be included within their service, resulting in top notch service quality.

Aside from responsibilities to clients, they also have responsibilities to each other, namely colleagues and fellow partners. The company has been able to survive in harsh competitive atmosphere for a decade, proving a point that professionalism and cooperation can conquer any kind of obstacles.

The last one is their responsibility to stakeholders, including borrowers, investors, communities, and working colleagues, even those who are on the external construction of Carrington Mortgage Company.

Different Payment Methods

Anyone coming to Carrington Mortgage Company will be able to choose different kinds of services and also different kinds of payment methods. One of major things customers like about this company is their flexibility in managing loan payments.

  1. Auto Pay

Borrowers will have to set up their Carrington Mortgage Company accounts. Through this account, they can generate automatic payment so they won’t have to worry about missing or forgetting a payment. One way to activate it is through their account setting. Another alternative is to complete the so-called Automatic Draft Authorization form.  Fill this form and send it to P.O. Box 5001 in Westfield, IN 4674, or through fax number 800-486-5134

  1. Western Union

Go to local agent within the neighborhood. Once borrowers complete collect quick payment form, they can make payments to the nearest agent.

  1. Online Web or Bank

Carrington Mortgage Company online payment is one of the fastest and most convenient payment, with a fee around $5. The same thing also applies for banking service. Anyone can make payments through their banking account. A certain fee will be applicable, but it depends on each bank’s policy.

  1. Phone

Simply contact 800-561-4567 to arrange payment via phone. Keep in mind that a charge of $10 will be applied. If customer representative is needed, extra fee may be included.

These are some of basic benefits clients can generate from this company. This flexibility is one of the major reasons why Carrington Mortgage Company is quite popular among mortgage borrowers.