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If you are looking for a job and interested to work in a mortgage service company, you should look up for Carrington Mortgage Careers. The company was found back in 2007, and it is a part of Carrington Holding Company, LLC. The latter is a company that manages investments and it is privately managed.

The headquarters is located in California, where the company operates in three locations of loan servicing. With that put together, a mortgage loan with integrated cycle is provided to support borrowers and lenders alike.

What Carrington Mortgage Careers has to Offer

Carrington Mortgage promises to deliver the best customer service for borrowers and lenders, ensuring the best experience. To guarantee this, the company definitely needs professional employees.

Are you qualified for it? Before starting your Carrington Mortgage careers, the company conducts a critical guiding principle that is called PEOPLE. The principle stands for Purpose Empowerment Opportunity Passion Leadership Excellence in which formed the organization’s solid foundation.

Carrington Mortgage Careers

In Carrington Mortgage careers, the company owns over 24 retail branch locations and planning to expand the branch network further. The latter is determined to focus on excellent execution by providing associates with the right tools and opportunities.

For more information, the customer service department is reachable on 1-800-561-4567 from 8:00AM-8:00PM every Monday until Friday following Eastern Time.

When considering a career, we also have to know about the compensation and benefits the company has to offer first. In Carrington Mortgage Careers, it offers a totally competitive compensation with meaningful benefits programs included.

For full-time, regular associates, the company offers seven things in total. The first one is 3 weeks’ vacation in the 1st year. The next is insurance for medical, dental, and vision needs. Third is health and dependent care flexible spending accounts.

Fourth is a company-paid life and insurance for the disabled. Meanwhile, the next is long-term care coverage paid by the company. There’s also a reimbursement of tuition for up to $5,250 each year. Well, the last is a generous associate referral program.

Other Things to Know about Carrington Mortgage Careers

The Carrington Mortgage Services is an excellent career opportunity for those of you seeking for one. Aside the many compensation and benefits in Carrington Mortgage Careers, they also offer incentive compensation.

Various positions in Carrington mortgage are deemed eligible for the program, so you won’t have to worry. The program is done monthly or annually and it will be above the regular base salary.

Carrington Mortgage Careers let us apply for positions on-line, making it easier and more accessible to job seekers. The list of open positions will be available in Carrington online application form, so be sure to check it out before the opportunity is lost.

We are also given the chance to create a profile to receive updates on new opportunities available.

Taking your chance in Carrington Mortgage Careers also means any kind of applicants will be equally considered. Employers will not discriminate applicants whether it is regarding the race, color, origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, physical/mental disability, or anything at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your step and put yourself in the world to work with the best.