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Since the establishment in 2007, Carrington Home Mortgage has become a trusted company in a mortgage loan. It gives loan with one of their missions: giving the best service to both borrowers and investors.

Well, this company gives the best customer care not only for investors, but most importantly to the borrowers as well with full responsibility.

So far, Carrington Home Mortgage Company has three branches where California is the central location. These three branches are working under Carrington Holding Company which shares the same responsibility to their customers, fellow workers, borrowers, investors, and colleagues.

As the certification to show that it is a leading and trusted company, it has A+ rating score for BBB accredited business. It is the NMLS customer access to prove that the company is a confirmed financial services provider. Moreover, it also has the other two certifications until now.

Easy Steps to Join Carrington Home Mortgage

Carrington Home Mortgage

Carrington Home Mortgage provides the customers easy access. One of them is by visiting the official website on It provides useful information about CMS, career opportunity, investors, mortgage assistance and contact options if you need further information.

Right after clicking the Carrington web address, you will be led to the homepage where you can register as a new customer or sign-in if you have registered before. Moreover, if you are a new customer, just click new customer button and register the loan.

However, in case you do not know yet about the number, just simply click “GET MY LOAN NUMBER” button. After that, just follow the instructions.

Within the website, you also can find answers to questions related to the mortgage loan in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). There, you will get the answer concerning payments, fees, and any late charges.

Loan status or current information about Carrington Home Mortgage also can be checked on loan information status. In addition, your questions about privacy and security or insurance will answered by visiting this section.

In addition, people do not have to worry about their mortgage because Carrington Home Mortgage provides a new program called Mortgage Assistance that will give the guidance. It assures you to take opportunities by encouraging you to take the advantage.

Besides the official website, you also can reach the customer service by calling 1 855 868 8188 for information about programs offered. As alternative, just contact at 1 800 561 4567 from Monday until Friday. This number is available on 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time.

This is a customer service that basically answers general loan, insurance, property tax, inquiries and complaints related questions.  Furthermore, Carrington Home Mortgage also provides the customer counsel need by giving attorneys who are ready to help you on 866 374 4018.

To conclude, Carrington Home Mortgage is the best company that has the dedication to provide good investment as well as advantages loan by giving the best value for customers. It resolves your complicated problems with good credit and a constant quality, of course with the high responsibility.