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Anyone working for Capital One is entitled to get all Capital One Employee Benefits. The benefits include everything to enhance the work-life balance, as well as the mental and physical health of the company. The benefits are given because the management of this financial corporation is fully aware of the employees’ well-being.

Below, you will read more information about the company, mainly about the benefits that everyone at Capital One will get. The employee benefits and perks are available to be used by everyone with no exception, as long as they are working for Capital One.

Capital One Employee Benefits

For those who have been working for the financial company, but you are not fully aware of the benefits, the information below is surely needed. Or, if you plan to apply for jobs at Capital One, this is what you need to know first: the benefits, and hence you won’t get hesitate of applying the job there right now.

Capital One Employee Benefits and Perks

In every workplace, benefits are the perks available. Capital One is no exception. There are tons of Capital One Employee Benefits, as well as some perks that they will get you for being an employee there. The further information about it along with the details will be explained below.

Capital One Employee Benefits and Perks

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Capital One Health Benefits

For any human beings, being healthy is like the most essential thing you can ask for. This is why Capital One provides tons of health benefits for the employees. The beneficial health services and advantages to get from the company are:

  • Medical Care – The company works with numerous hospitals and health clinics all around the country to provide medical care for anyone working for Capital One with no exception at all.
  • Vision Care – Vision plan is available for employees to make sure they get the right glasses, contact lenses, or any eye-related treatment necessary for them.
  • Dental Care – The company allows employees to get dental and oral health for free or with huge discounted cost. It provides them with the essential gum and teeth health they need.
  • Prescription Drug – Essential prescription drug coverage is given to all employees to support their day-to-day health and make sure they will be able to remain healthy all the time.
  • Wellness Programs – All employees are entitled to get some wellness programs established by the company. The employees will be able to improve their well-being in the meantime.
  • Advance Medical – Capital One employees should be able to ask about their condition or treatment for free.
  • LiveHealth Online – Capital One Medical Plan (available in the USA area) allows employees to ask about their health or anything related to their well-being and overall health condition in LiveHeath Online program.
  • Fitness Centers – There are more than 10 places dedicated fully for the employees of Capital One to maintain their fitness and bodily strength. It is open for all employees working for Capital One, and the gyms are all for free.
  • Health Centers – If the employees are too busy to go to hospital, they can go to health centers already prepared and established with the connection to the company.
  • Healthcare flexible spending accounts – This will definitely allow Capital One employees to pay for their healthcare expenses for easily.
  • Castlight Health – The employees should be able to use Castlight to shop for medical care, prescriptions, and services related to health and medics.

Capital One Benefits

Wellness Programs at Capital One

Wellness programs are certainly included as Capital One Employee Benefits, and this is the details of it.

  • 401(k) and Retirement – Life after being retired is not easy for many people, and thus the company allows all employees to have the 401 (k) programs or the saving program aimed for the retirement time.
  • Life Insurance and Disability – Life insurance is definitely necessary, as well as the coverage insurance for anyone with disability. Capital One provides it all for the employees working there. The life insurance is going to cover all expenses related to your health and your overall well-being as an employee.
  • Health Care and Dependent Care Flex Spending Account – You should be able to save money in spending accounts, and it can be used for your health care expenses.
  • Associate Discounts and Savings – The perks of working at the company are including all discounts and savings given to you at the associated places and other places related to the company.
  • Associate Stock Purchase Plan – Capital One Associate Stock Purchase Plan (ASPP) allows employee to get stock purchase plan and have investment for their later life.
  • Educational Assistance – Getting your degree while working for the company can be beneficial as the employee will get most of the expenses covered by Capital One.

Employee Benefits at Capital One

Work/Life Balance at Capital One

For the sake of your work-life balance, surely there should be some Capital One Employee Benefits related to the aspects of your work and home life. These are some of them:

  • Time Off Programs – There are two types of this program, they are:
    • Non-exempt associates: Paid Time-Off (PTO)– PTP can be used by the employees to do whatever they need to do, including using it for vacation or recover from their illness.
    • Exempt associates: Vacation time – This program allows the employees to get time off month by month from the date of hire.
  • Parental Leave –18 weeks Maternity Leave as well as 8 weeks Paternity Leave are available to help new parents adjusting with their new life.
  • Child/ Family care – The company provides child and family care for all employees who have children to take care off. They have backup services to make sure all employees get what they need to do to take care of the family.
  • Backup daycare – Daycare is available in the company and it can help the employees to take care of their small children to their elderlies.
  • Employee Assistance Program – Capital One’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) allows all employees to get the assistance and counseling that they need. This is one of the most important Capital One Employee Benefits that you can get from working there.
  • Adoption/Surrogacy Reimbursement – Creating family is surely not easy for everyone, and if they need to get it through adoption as well as surrogacy program, the company is ready to help them with this program.

Capital One Employee Discounts

Capital One Contact Information

  • Retail Branch Banking Accounts
    1-800-655-BANK (2265) (Checking, Savings, CD & IRA accounts and to report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card).
    Card Activation for Capital One.
  • Non-Branch Account
    1-888-810-4013 for Money Market, Checking, Savings & CD accounts & to report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card.
  • Online Banking Assistance
    1-877-442-3764 for Help with online banking questions.
  • Report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit card
    1-804-967-1000 for International Phone Number.
  • Contact by E-mail
  • Report suspicious emails – Forward the suspicious email, if you believe you have received a phishing email that claims to be from Capital One.
  • Contact by Mail
    • General Correspondence
      Capital One Bank
      O. Box 180
      St Cloud, MN 56302-0180
    • Deposits
      Checking Accounts, Savings, Money Market, and CD Accounts
      Capital One Bank
      O. Box 150
      St Cloud, MN 56302-0150

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That is all you need to know about the benefits to get when you are working at this company. You can try all of them when you are already an employee there. It will help you to thrive, and all Capital One Employee Benefits will make sure you will have great well-being there.

Thank you for reading this post, and please come back for more information like this.