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Brightree Login at – Brightree is a company that manages cloud-based software for various health facilities that specializes in post-acute patient care. Their facilities include health agencies, pharmacies, medical equipment providers, and hospice facilities.

This is why Brightree Login is important because they want to provide a portal to support automated processes in the system. The cloud-based portal will be used to process the compliance management along with providing a more focused service for their patients. This will support health professionals to give better care to their patients.

Using the Brightree Login online portal is also very simple. All you need is your registered username as well the connected password for the account.

Brightree Login Page

Aside from that aspect, this article will also try some ways that you can do to troubleshoot some issues that might occur on Brightree Login online portal. This is to ensure a flawless process while you’re logging in.

Brightree Login Requirements

  • The login web address for Brightree Login online portal.
  • A valid username and the correct password that can be used on the portal.
  • The website can only be accessed with an internet browser.
  • Your preferred device, such as a laptop or a smartphone, should be connected to the internet for the login process.

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Brightree Login at

Below, you will find the complete steps that you can conveniently follow to open your account on the web portal. The steps are:

  • Visit the online portal of Brightree Login at Login
  • You will be able to notice the “Login” button on the main portal page. The login process will start if you click on it.Brightree Login at Step By Step
  • A button that says “HME and Pharmacy” will be shown on the page. Click on it and the portal will bring you to the main login page.Brightree Login at
  • With the login page opened, submit your username on the provided field.
  • Below the username field, submit your correct password carefully.
  • The “Login” button will be ready to be clicked after making sure that your details are correct.

Brightree Forgot Password

  • Visit the online portal of Brightree Login at Forgot Password at
  • The main portal page will provide a link that says “Forgot password?”.
  • You can also contact your system administrator if you can’t retrieve your password using this method.

Brightree Login Troubleshooting and Help

Forgetting your password will render you unable to access your account on the online portal of Brightree Login. If the password retrieval process is not successful, you can always reach out to the internal administrator to help you with the process. The channels for contact include:

  • HME and Pharmacy Customers via You can also call 888-598-7797 ext. 6
  • Home Health and Hospice Customers via You can also call 866-260-4630 ext. 3

If you still have issues related to the online portal that is not about the password resetting process, you may still reach out to the support team by contacting them from their contact page. Meanwhile, phone calls can be made to their number at 1-888-598-7977. You can also use fax machines to send your queries to that number after filling out the necessary forms.

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That was all that we can say about the online portal of Brightree Login. Remember, the only official website for this portal is at Leave a useful comment if this information is related to your needs.