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American Express Employee Benefits – As one of the biggest financial companies in the world, American Express (AMEX) has also been considered one of the best places to work. This is because the company will always try to provide support for their employees in every aspect of their lives.

This is also the reason why the company is offering an attractive package for the American Express Employee Benefits. With this, the company can make sure that their employees will enjoy their time working and giving value to the company. The package includes various benefits, such as AMEX Employee Discounts, retirement plans, 401(k) benefits, and other perks which we will try to explain in this article.

In order for AMEX employees to access all the information regarding the company and their employee benefits, AMEX has provided an employee portal on the internet. Therefore, everyone working for the company will be able to get the detailed information regarding the American Express Employee Benefits.

So, if you are an employee of AMEX, you probably already have credentials that you can use on the web portal. Therefore, you can use the portal straight away to check the American Express Employee Benefits that are your privilege.

What Benefits Can I Get if I am an American Express Employee?

American Express Employee Benefits

American Express Co. (AMEX) is one of the largest financial companies in the United States. The company has been known for its service to provide customers with charge cards, credit cards, and traveler’s cheques. The company itself was founded in 1850 and its main office is currently located in New York City.

American Express Co. is also an employer for around 59,000 people around the world. A large number of people is needed to support the continuous business of this financial company.

To make sure that the employees are enjoying and supporting the company, American Express always wants to satisfy its employees by providing support for each aspect of their employees’ lives. For instance, American Express Employee Benefits along with various perks are frequently given out to the employees so they can have an enjoyable life.

American Express Employee Benefits and Perks

Compared to other companies in the same industry, what American Express offers for their employees is one of the best benefits packages. Some perks that are included in the package are:

  • AMEX employee 401(k) benefits.
  • AMEX employee discounts.
  • Healthcare plans and life insurance policy.
  • Coverage for dental and vision healthcare.
  • Support for short-term and long-term disability.
  • Support for maternity and parent belief.
  • Defined contribution pension plans.
  • The programs for wellness and prevention.
  • Free membership for physical fitness.
  • Reimbursement program for education and tuition assistance.
  • Support for paid leave and holidays.
  • Insurance plan for accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Benefits for child care and family care.

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Aside from providing healthcare with full coverage, they also include coverage for dental and vision benefits. American Express Employee Benefits will also cover the employee’s immediate family members to enjoy the healthcare plans without monthly paycheck deductions.

American Express Employment Benefits

Furthermore, the company will also provide several benefits for retirement and welfare for the senior employees who want to have a secure source of income when they retire from the company. The company is also working with other insurance providers to give beneficial insurance policies that will cover a significant percentage of the employees’ premiums.

Life insurance plans from American Express are also provided and paid for by the company for every employee working for the brand. Additionally, the company also supports short-term and long-term disability in American Express Employee Benefits.

American Express Employee Discounts

Retirement plans and defined contribution pension plans are also available to help employees plan for later in life. This is to make sure that employees can guarantee a stable income after they leave the company. They can also use this package to save and invest in their future.

Official AMEX Employee Login Portal and the Features

The American Express Employee Benefits can be accessed on the official employee portal that has been provided and developed by the company. The employees will be able to register an account or log in if they already have the personal credentials that they can use on the web portal. This way, they will be able to check the related information regarding the work account.

American Express Benefits

The portal can be accessed at The American Express Employee Benefits portal will have various features, including:

  • AMEX employee benefits
  • AMEX employee discounts
  • AMEX careers
  • AMEX employee salary
  • AMEX employee email
  • AMEX associate salary
  • AMEX employee helpdesk
  • AMEX employee payroll information
  • AMEX working hours

American Express Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 212-640-2000
  • American Express Customer Care Number: +1 855 297 7327
  • Email:

Corporate Office Address

  • American Express Company
    World Financial Center
    200 Vesey St.
    New York, NY 10285
    United States

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That was all that we can say about the American Express Employee Benefits along with the perks and discounts that you can get by working for American Express. We hope that this information can help you.