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Amazon Employee Benefits UK – Do you have an intention to work with Amazon UK? Are you still looking for an opportunity to start a career with Amazon UK? If you answer yes to those questions, this article about Amazon Employee Benefits UK is suitable for you to inform yourself about the privileges that you can get by working for Amazon UK.

This information will give you full detail regarding the Amazon Employee Benefits UK that you have the right to receive after being hired by Amazon UK. Aside from that, you will also get an explanation about each aspect of the employee benefits packages along with the website to access the employee benefits. Also, you will understand the login process for the employee benefits website.

Amazon Employee Benefits UK

Therefore, all you need to do is to continue reading this article to learn more about Amazon Employee Benefits UK.

About Amazon UK, Inc. is an international technology company that originated from America and has its main office in Seattle, Washington. Amazon’s main business is in the sector of e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. The company is currently the fourth-largest retailer in the whole world and one of the biggest companies along with Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Jeff Bezos established the company on July 5, 1994. The company was started in Bellevue, Washington. Amazon was started as a business that sells books, electronics, clothing, furniture, software, video games, food products, jewelry, children’s stories, and other merchandise on its online marketplace.

Amazon operates its companies without having a lot of store locations and mostly serves the customers online. Some of its offline store locations are located in the United Kingdom.

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Amazon UK Employee Benefits and Perks

A lot of workers have testified that the packages from the Amazon Employee Benefits UK are one of the best in the sector. The company is also said to have one of the best working environments in the UK. Amazon has created thousands of job positions in the UK by offering the minimum wage of £9.50 for every hour of work. This offer is a lot higher than the wages offered by other companies.

Amazon UK Employee Benefits and Perks

Aside from high wages, Amazon Employee Benefits UK also offers employees with various training opportunities to improve their skills. Other aspects in the packages also include life insurance plans, private medical insurance, company plans for employee’s retirement, income protection, and various other benefits. There is also a program called Career Choice that offers 95% of the total tuition fee for workers who are still studying in a university. The company will reimburse students who are studying in various degrees, such as game design, IT programming, communications, nursing, radiology, and other majors.

Amazon Benefits UK

Below you will be able to find the brief account of the Amazon Employee Benefits UK that the employees will receive from the company.

  • Amazon’s 401(k) plan. The company will match the employee’s contribution between 2% and 6% of the employee’s It also matches after 4.5% of the contribution from the employees.
  • The company will pay for insurance to cover life and accidental death & dismemberment.
  • The company will pay disability support both for short-term and long-term disabilities.
  • com employee discount.
  • The company will pay for maternity and parental leave.
  • Health savings accounts are available from the Amazon Employee Benefits UK.
  • Employees can get higher wages on holidays.
  • Medical insurance, income protection, and life insurance is included in the comprehensive benefits package.
  • The company will provide financial counseling, estate planning, and other related services in some particular situations that the employees are facing.
  • Company pension plan.
  • Employees who are trying to adopt will get adoption assistance from Amazon UK to cover various fees.
  • The Career Choice program from Amazon Employee Benefits UK will pay for up to 95% of tuition fees and textbooks for students.
  • A free employee assistance program will provide resources and referrals to improve the personal life of Amazon’s employees.
  • The Career Choice program will provide various training and support to prepare their employees for jobs in the future.
  • The Career Skills program will train employees with essential skills, such as resume writing and the basics of computers. Employee Discount

The Amazon Employee Benefits UK that you will receive from the company will usually vary on the store location, the working hours, the level of employment, and whether your full-time or part-time employee.

Amazon UK Contact Information

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The Amazon Employee Benefits UK is really great when you consider the high wages and the programs included in it. Make notes of the eligibility to find out if you have the right to receive each aspect of the benefits.