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Allied Universal eHub is a website that’s developed by the company for its employees. The website requires Allied Universal eHub login to help them access their schedule, pay stubs, and other information.

Allied Universal is an American private-owned facility services that also offers security services. It comes with a thorough security services, including staffing, consulting, risk counseling, and even janitorial services in professional and technology fields.

The company provides the services to various specialty sectors, ranging from government institutions, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, defense, residential, real estate, public, financial and utility institutions, and so much more.

Now, you will know this company further by reading the article below. It includes the procedure to login at its site:

About Allied Universal

About Allied Universal

Based in USA, Allied Universal is a facility services company that’s privately owned. The company was established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the year of 1957. Contracted security guards and relevant services are several specialties of the company.

Aside from those two, janitorial services, staffing, and security systems are also offered. Allied Universal is basically a combo of several earlier companies: Initial, Allied Security, Barton Protective Services, and Spectaguard.

In 2016, this venture joined with Universal Services of America. This made the name of Allied Universal.

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Allied Universal eHub Portal Benefits

  • Accessing your schedule.
  • Getting notified for the important notices.
  • You can also update the contact information.
  • Lastly, you may access the pay stubs there.

Now, as you’ve got the big picture of what Allied Universal eHub portal is, in the following section you will know about how to do Allied Universal eHub login at You will also read other related information about this webpage dedicated for the employees.

Allied Universal eHub Login Requirements

Before logging to your account, you need to prepare these requirements for Allied Universal eHub login:

  • A desktop PC/smartphone/tablet with a good internet connection.
  • An internet browser application.
  • You need to know the official website of Allied Universal eHub.
  • Lastly, you need a registered email address and password.

Allied Universal eHub Login

To successfully perform the login process, you need to do as follows:

  • Visit the Allied Universal eHub Login site at Universal eHub Login
  • Input your password and user ID in the provided textbox.
  • Once finished, click ‘Login’. You can access your Allied Universal eHub account then.

Allied Universal eHub Forgot Password

Just do this procedure in case you forgot your login password:

  • Access the Allied Universal eHub Login website at Universal eHub Forgot Password
  • Find “Forgot Password” link, and simply click on it.Allied Universal eHub Forgot Password 2
  • Key in your user ID (employee/customer ID) on the provided space.
  • Click ‘Continue’ afterwards and complete the step-by-step procedure to reset your password.

Allied Universal eHub Contact Information

If you have any question about Allied Universal eHub login, simply call Allied Universal Security Service Help phone number at: 866-703-7666

Other Inquiries

To access employment verifications, you can visit:


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Final Words

Well, that’s the information about Allied Universal eHub login, as well as some related details. If you think there is something you need to ask, feel free to call the help desk.