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In order to access AKO webmail, you need to log into your account first. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) is a popular service for being the greatest intranet in the world. By reading the guide below, you will be able to know about it better and how to access its features.

AKO Webmail Overview

As stated previously, AKO is the largest intranet (private local communication networks) as of the current times. It is invented in 90s by General Officer Management Office as an experimental project.

The purpose of this enterprise is to provide information services based on website for Army of United States, along with the customers of Department of Defense and their joints. AKO offers internet access to share information and knowledge for the Army through one entry point. For now, AKO is the only enterprise of Army that ran within the Army Department.

So, what about AKO webmail? It is a part of intranet for US Army as well. This service uses highly secure system to send data to internet with high encryption method for AKO users. Not only providing e-mail feature, it also includes chat, blogs, file storages, and many others.

AKO webmail is aimed to provide safe links to various websites, in order to offer wide range of information from medical news, publications, to free anti-virus. The webmail is available to be accessed from different locations in the world, so you are able to send messages even if your loved one is currently serving for the country in faraway places.

AKO Webmail

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AKO Webmail Overview Login Tutorial

In order to login to the AKO webmail, you have to register first. Only military members like active duty soldier, army personnel, national guards, or Department of Defense employees that have ability to do so.

All common information about this webmail are accessible in the official site of US military. Here are the steps do login to the site:

  1. Input your username and password in AKO webmail login page.
  2. The required details include Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Both of these identity details are needed if you are going to enter into your AKO webmail account using CAC.
  3. Another alternative to CAC is by using Knowledge Based Authorization (KBA). It also requires you to type in your user name and password to make sure that the account is on the approved hand and not susceptible for unauthorized party.

The method of using CAC is already enforced in US Army since the year of 2013 – for any military members who want to access their AKO account. Anyone in the army with CAC is heavily advised to use AKO webmail exclusively as their communication means instead of other e-mail platform.

All the CAC users are under mandatory of Chief Information Officer. AKO webmail is meant to provide ways for them to be in touch with outside world without having to worry about security. If you have any questions or want to know further about this service, you may visit the official AKO webmail link at https://militarycac.com/ako.htm.