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While using AKO and encountering problems, AKO Help Desk is ready to help. AKO is a kind of U.S. Army intranet which has various features. It even includes your medical records, family data, and can link you to the homepage site of army online mandatory training, known as SSD.

Don’t Delve in Such Confusion as AKO Help Desk is Ready to Help

Just like other services, AKO got their own help desk, known simply as AKO Help Desk. Whenever you’re confused while using AKO, place a call and they will gladly help.

You know, even the strongest soldier sometimes gets in trouble with something. Included in it is a problem with their AKO account. Let’s say, you are unable to access your AKO webmail, or unable to get the link redirecting you to the online training homepage. Then AKO Help Desk is where you should head to ‘cure’ your confusion.

Interestingly, you can access them through several ways, such as via call, email, DSN (OCONUS), or a direct message from their official website. Below, you will see AKO Help Desk contact number, email, and other things related to how to reach out to them.

  • AKO help desk phone number: 1-866-335-ARMY, then use option 2 to continue.
  • Email: help@us.army.mil
  • DSN: 312-560-1110, then once you are connected, you can tell the operator to ‘redirect’ you to the number 866-335-2769
  • Official website: http//akoarmymil.com/ako-help-desk/

AKO Help Desk

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What Cases Does AKO Help Desk Usually Deal With?

Basically, a call center usually deals with all problems related to the ‘product’ itself. In this case, AKO Help Desk will help you to cover all problems related to AKO.

What are the cases that they receive to deal with? Below are some common difficulties people are facing when dealing with their AKO account.

1. AKO Webmail

Having problem with logging in into your AKO mails? No need to worry, just place a call or send an email to AKO help desk. You can also ask AKO Help Center to reset your password. Of course, you will be guided with step-by-step information. Feel free to say that their information is too fast, although that will bother them, they’ll make sure you get the best service.

2. Dealing with finding your SSD course

This is one of the common problems army soldiers have, especially if you are new to the system or not being that tech-knowledgeable. People usually have problem with accessing SSD1 so if you are one of them, don’t worry. AKO Help Desk gets many queries related to this problem.

3. Other FAQ

Your question may be in the list of AKO Help Desk FAQ. So, don’t hesitate to send them email to reach for help. However, it may take longer time to get their reply back, so people prefer to place a call and ask everything about AKO that they don’t understand. They are on the line for 24/7, therefore no excuses about getting no help to fix your AKO-related problems.

As a wrap up, AKO Help Desk is an important service offered by AKO. This will help you, as the AKO users, to get the best experience while using their limited-to-army soldier products. Hence, you do not have to be overwhelmed whenever you got a problem with your AKO account.