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AKO certificates are important to access AKO website. AKO, which stands for Army Knowledge Online, is like a database which contains many things related to the military. Despite its importance for soldiers, sometimes people are still struggling with accessing the website. It turns out that their website needs this certificate.

What is AKO Certificates and What Is Its Use?

AKO certificates are what you need to easily access military-related websites. Sometimes, there are browsers unable to open the website. These certificates will ensure the browser about the access safety.

Are these certificates necessary to open AKO? Well, no, AKO website is relatively easy to access. The problem usually arises when you want to access other DoD websites, such as DTIC, AFSI, or DIBBS. AKO users are generally redirected from AKO websites to these ones. If your browser isn’t able to access these websites, chances are you need to download the AKO certificates.

So, where to download AKO certificates? You can download all the certificates aforementioned from – but make sure not to use Chrome to access it. Why so? DoD does not support Chrome to access the page. That’s why you got to use other web browser to download these certificates; such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

AKO Certificates

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How to Install AKO Certificates and Enable It to Your Browser?

After downloading AKO certificates, the next thing you need to do is to install it to your system. To install the certificates to your system, follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard. Then, search for Certificate Manager program. The program is a bit difficult to find, so that will be easier for you to just type its code: certmgr.msc – then press enter.
  2. If it fails after you press enter, it means you’ll need to run the program as administrator. To do that, simply right-click the program from the search results pane, and select ‘Run as administrator’. That will provide a confirmation that you are running it with the PC administrator permission.
  3. Once you open the program, find a folder named ‘Trusted Root Certificate Authorities’. Give it a right-click, and choose the ‘Import’ option. If you find nothing alike, hover your pointer over its subfolder (Certificates), then right-click, choose ‘All Tasks’ then ‘Import’. Different Windows OS version usually needs different command.
  4. Follow the specified wizard to import the certificate. For this step, you will be required to browse the files you have downloaded in the following certificate formats:
    • .pfx, .p12
    • .p7b
    • .sst
    • .cer, .crt
  5. After you got the AKO certificates, choose it then continue the process of importing AKO certificates by clicking ‘Next’.
  6. You can also import AKO Certificates directly from your Chrome app to make the access to those military websites.
    • Head to your Chrome’s settings. Then, find the Security tab. Click on it.
    • Scroll a bit lower under that tab until you find ‘Manage Certificates’. Choose that option then click on the tab ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’.
    • From that tab, import the AKO certificates. You will see the same certificate import wizard. Follow the process until you finish it.

That’s how to import AKO certificates to your system. After importing, try to access the previously inaccessible websites. If the certificates have been imported and installed properly, the websites you’re going to visit should be accessible easily. Try to do it using other browsers too, like Internet Explorer or Firefox.