How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Phone using

Home / Game / How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Phone using – You can now set up your Xbox One remotely using a web portal. The availability of the portal at will only require an activation code for the setting up process.

This means that you can set up your Xbox One more conveniently because you can also access the website from your smartphone, without using your Mac or Windows computer.

In order to do this, make sure that you know your Xbox One activation code. You can find the code from the app screen of your console. Copy the code and use it on your smartphone to access the portal at

You will need this activation code every time you need to set up a new console, or when you do a new installation of the app on your smartphone.

This article will help you if you don’t know how to set up your Xbox One remotely using the portal at Pay attention from start to finish and you will not run into any problems.

What is is an online portal where you can use your Microsoft Account to automatically set up the system update for your Xbox One console. This portal can be used on your mobile device and will give you the ability to update your game system on your own. The method for updating from mobile is more convenient, especially considering that the digital setup method is not available on computers.

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Setup Xbox on Mobile Using and Mobile App

If you are using either an Android or an iOS device, you can set up your Xbox One using the portal of by following these steps below:

How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Phone using

  • Your Xbox One will show the link to on the update screen. You can type in the address or use your phone to scan the QR code to the link.

Note: Make sure that you also copy and save your activation code that will also be shown on the update screen. You will be required to enter this code to proceed with the update.

  • The portal will show you the Welcome to Xbox screen. Proceed by clicking the option to continue the setup.

Note: You can install the Xbox App on your smartphone if you haven’t done it yet.

  • Open the Xbox App on your smartphone and type in the code that you acquired from your Xbox update screen.
  • You will be asked some questions to verify the ownership of your Xbox console. Answer them correctly.
  • The update system will run on its own. Check your Xbox console when the update has finished. You can now apply the settings from the Xbox App to your console.
  • Proceed by clicking the “Yes” option.

Xbox One Setup Video Tutorial

Xbox App Download

The recently-released Xbox App is a way for you to join and share your play sessions with other friends who also have Xbox consoles. You can also share your games right from your mobile phone.

Another feature is sharing your game screenshots as well as clips from your gaming sessions directly to your social media accounts.

When you’re playing with other people, the app will also make it easier to chat and message other people in the same Party network. This also applies to other players who are using a PC.

The app will also have the ability to receive notifications regarding new game invites or friends’ messages. And the great thing is that you can also play your Xbox game on your phone using an internet connection.

The Xbox App and the portal at are really the best ways to keep your gameplay always on wherever you are.

Xbox App Download


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Hopefully, this article can help you a lot with accessing and updating your Xbox consoles from If you can do it correctly, then you can control your game console right from your mobile phone.