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Home / Technology / How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication on Microsoft at – You can now set up the multi-factor authentication feature in your Microsoft account by logging on to the portal. Therefore, if you have no idea how to use the portal and access the feature for the multi-factor authentication, this article will try to cover the process for the After going through this article, you will get all the information about multi-factor authentication so you can use it yourself on the web portal.

What is

Multi-factor authentication is a feature on your Microsoft account to enhance the security of your account by requiring you to provide at least two pieces of proof for yourself. The proofs are called factors and it will enable the system to know that it is really you who are logging in to your account. The process will verify your identity by combining two different proofs or factors, including your password and information about your belongings.

Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA Setup) on Microsoft

You can use one of the three options for setting up the multifactor authentication on your Microsoft account by going to the address at The options include:

  • SMS Message: The system will send you a text message that will include a code for verification. You can use the code when you try to sign in to your account. On the login interface, you will be required to enter a verification code from the SMS.
  • Mobile Application Push: This method will use the pop-up notification on your phone or your authenticator app that you have installed on your devices. You can then approve or reject the request that shows up on the pop-up notification from
  • Mobile Application OAUTH: You can install the MS authenticator app that will create a verification code consisting of 6 numbers. You will get an updated code every 30 seconds. This method is very suitable if you live in an area with limited cell phone signals.

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Multi-Factor Authentication Online

  • Visit the website at This is the main address to set up multi-factor authentication.Multi-Factor Authentication on Microsoft
  • The website will require you to provide your email address and password.

You can then select your preferred method for the authentication setup:

Multi-Factor Authentication Using Text Messages:

  • Click the drop-down menu to select the option for “Authentication Phone”.Multi-Factor Authentication Through Text Message
  • The next step is to enter your mobile phone number.
  • Make sure that the phone can receive text messages.
  • The next part is to click the button that says “Next”.
  • Your mobile phone number will receive a text message with the verification code.Multi-Factor Authentication Through Text Message 2
  • On the website of, submit the verification code that you have received to confirm the authentication.

Multi-Factor Authentication Using Mobile App Push/OAUTH

Multi-Factor Authentication Through Mobile App Push

  • Click the drop-down menu to select the option for Mobile App.
  • The next step is to select Receive Notifications for Verification.
  • You will now be able to click the button that says “Setup”.
  • On your smartphone, open the app gallery to download the application called Microsoft Authenticator.
  • After the installation process, open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.
  • You will be able to notice the + sign that you can click to add an account. The next part is to select the type of account whether it is a “Work or School Account”.
  • Allow the Microsoft Authenticator app to open your smartphone camera.
  • Locate the QR code on your computer screen and scan it with your smartphone camera.
  • This guide for will also automatically set up the mobile app OAUTH for your device.

Multi-Factor Authentication Using Phone Calls

Multi-Factor Authentication By Phone Call

  • Open the menu that says Edit Security Info.
  • The next part is to Select Phone.
  • You will now be able to enter your phone number or landline number.
  • Double-check your phone number before clicking the button that says “Next”.
  • The system from Microsoft will automatically call you. You can now press # for the login authorization.

Setup the Microsoft Authentication App

The Microsoft Authenticator app is a mobile app that you can use for login authorization when you are in an area that does not have reliable internet or cellular service. You can install the Microsoft Authenticator app for from your phone’s app gallery. This app is also available for Android and iOS smartphones. If you want to use the authorization process online, you can also use the Microsoft Authenticator app to secure your online accounts, such as your Gmail and Facebook accounts.

Below are the steps to download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app: CHECK HERE.

  • Select the Authenticator app by going to the menu that says Edit Security Info.
  • You can now open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.
  • On the app, you can click the + which will allow you to add an account on the app.How to Setup The Microsoft Authenticator App
  • Select the type of account that you want to use, whether it is a Work or School account.How to Setup The Microsoft Authenticator App 2
  • Open the QR code from on your computer and scan it with your smartphone.
  • You can also manually enter the nine-digit code for authorization.
  • A pop-up from the app will show up on your phone screen.
  • You can now approve the authorization from the notification.
  • Every time you want to use multi-factor authentication for your Microsoft account, you can use the randomly generated code to prove your identity to the system.

Video Tutorial Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication with a Mobile Device in Microsoft 365 Business

Video Tutorial Setting Up Microsoft 365 Multi Factor Authentication

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This is all the information on how to set up multi-factor authentication on You can also leave a comment below if you’re still confused about the multi-factor authentication process.