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Home / Health / Submit Bayer AH Rebate Form Online at – If you have recently purchased some products from Bayer Animal Health, then you might be able to receive a rebate on those purchases. These products include a lineup of Advantage Multi, Advantage II, Seresto, Profender, Quellin, K9 Advantage, and other supplements and dermatology products. If you are eligible for those purchases, you might also be able to get a discount on Bayer

AHRebates.Com Rebate Form Submission

If you want to submit a rebate form that can be connected with your Bayer Animal Health purchases then you can do it on the main website. The official rebate site is at The website will give you step-by-step instructions so you can receive your rebate code.

Make sure that you have followed the rules so you are still eligible to apply for the discount. The rules for the online rebate at are:

  • An eligible purchase of Bayer Animal Health products during the time of the promotion.
  • The selected payment method for the rebate.
  • A printed record of confirmed purchases.
  • The completed rebate form that is printed before the deadline.
  • A copy of a receipt showing a confirmed purchase from the animal health clinic.
  • The rebate form will take 2 to 4 weeks to be accepted.
  • The rebate check will take 6 to 8 weeks to be received by the customer. It will take 2 weeks if you use iRCheck.

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AHRebates Form Submission

Only a valid purchase of some animal health products from Bayer will be qualified to get the rebate. If you have purchased something from the lineup of the products we mentioned above, then you can follow the instructions below:

  • Open the official URL at Form Submission
  • Choose the particular products that you have purchased from the brand. Make sure that those products are legible.AH Rebates Form Submission
  • Enter your personal details as the pet owner as well as your shipping information.
  • Submit the details of the vet clinic where you purchased the product.

Note: some clinics are animal health facilities that are not available in the drop-down list. If this is the case, you just need to check a box to notify the website that your vet clinic is not listed.

  • Enter some explanation of why you purchased this product including the information about the pack size and the type of the product.
  • Take a photo of your purchase receipt and upload it to the site.

Note: the accepted formats for the received photo are PNG, JPEG, GIF, or PDF.

  • Read the terms and conditions and click the box to agree.
  • Choose your preferred payment method for the rebate.

Note: it might take at least two weeks to receive your rebate form if you send it via email. You might also need to print the form. It might also take at least six weeks to get the money if you choose to refund via postal mail.

  • Lastly, click the submit button and you will be able to print your rebate form. Rewards

The purchases of the qualifying products need to be done between July 1 through December 31, 2020. The purchases will not qualify for rebates if they are done outside this period.

Meanwhile, the rebate form has to be submitted to before January 15, 2021.

You also need to be informed that some products, such as Profender, Advantage Multi, or Quellin, require an order form from licensed doctors. This is a regulation from the federal US law.

  • Advantage Multi –with or without a heartworm test
    • with heartworm test 6 pack $30 or with heartworm test 12 pack $70
    • without heartworm test 6 pack $20 or heartworm test 12 pack $60
  • Advantage II – 4 pack $10 or 6 pack $20
  • Advantage Multi and Seresto – 6 pack plus one collar
  • Profender – 1 tube $5
  • K9 Advantix II – 4 pack $10 or 6 pack $20
  • Supplement and Dermatology Products – 1 unit $5
  • Synovi G3
  • OtiRinse
  • DMV Feline Joint Gel
  • Remend, Relief
  • DVM Daily Soft Chews
  • Malaseb, HyLyt
  • T8 Keto, Synovi G4
  • ChlorhexiDerm
  • Alenza
  • Endurosyn
  • Lactoquil
  • Free Form
  • Seresto – 1 collar $15
  • Quellen – (1) 120-count bottle $20

About Bayer

Bayer AG is a pharmaceutical company that originates from Germany. Their business is largely in the sector of pharmaceutical production and life sciences. As the largest pharmaceutical company, Bayer provides countless products for people around the world.

The company was established on August 1, 1863, by Friedrich Bayer. They have a main office in Leverkusen. Aside from producing pharmaceuticals for humans, the company also produces animal health products, chemicals for agricultural business, consumer healthcare, seed products, and biotechnology. Since 2016, the CEO position of the company has been held by Werner Baumann.

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